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Winners chosen for $100k New Ventures Competition

Two MSIM teams won prizes: ZwitterCo tied for first place in the General/High-Tech Track, and Co-Lab tied for third in the MedTech & Life Sciences Track, with their combined prizes totaling more than $35,000.

The winners of the Tufts Gordon Institute’s annual $100k New Ventures Competition were chosen last night, from 18 finalists competing in three tracks, as part of a two-day event intended to promote entrepreneurial advancement at Tufts.

Tufts-affiliated companies ZwitterCo and Ginger Time were the joint winners in the General/High-Tech track. ZwitterCo, which markets itself as a company that produces nanofiltration membranes to improve water recycling, and GingerTime, a company that sells shots with ginger juice and vitamins, won the largest prize in their track, valuing more than $30,000.

Cathbuddy, a venture centered around a portable handheld UV-C catheter sterilizer that aims to allow people using catheters to lessen their environmental impact and regain agency and mobility, was the winner in the MedTech and Life Sciences track. VASERA Male Contraceptives, which works on a hydrogel-based contraceptive, was the runner-up of the Medtech and Life Sciences track, and the winner of the Ricci prize, totaling $10,000.

Finally, Apollo Agriculture, a company focused on increasing profits for smallholder farmers, won the Social Impact track.

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