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Tufts Gordon Institute faculty hold workshops at local companies


TGI Faculty Workshops

Through Tufts Gordon Institute’s corporate development program, TGI faculty bring their expertise to local organizations to meet employee’s and company’s organizational goals. Each of the following workshop ‘Lunch and Learns’ were held at local organizations over the summer, with coordination help from a MSEM alum who works at each company.

Effective Negotiation Skills for Women

The ability to negotiate effectively impacts all employees, regardless of how senior they are, so this interactive workshop at Baker Hughes led by Lecturer Stacy Heen Lennon and Carri Hulet explored several key negotiation practices, with particular attention paid to the unique challenges that face women as they approach negotiation within and outside their company.

Innovating In An Increasingly Complex World

Innovation within any organization, from startups to multibillion dollar companies, is a challenge. At Brooks Automation, Interim Executive Director Kevin Oye led a workshop on how companies can harness innovation to drive business goals, generate growth, and adapt to change. Through interactive exercises, attendees shared ideas on how to inject more innovation into their organization.

Conflict Resolution

Without being resolved properly, conflict can increase employee turnover, reduce productivity, reduce quality, and hurt morale, thereby undermining an organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Lecturer Mark Bamford led an interactive workshop at Mitre Corporation, focused on approaches and techniques that can resolve conflict efficiently, to Mitre’s NextUp group, an early-career professionals group committed to promoting ongoing career growth.

Influencing Without Authority

MSEM Director Mary Viola delivered a workshop at Raytheon focused on strategies for how employees can be more effective at work by cutting through interpersonal and interdepartmental barriers for influencing others even when you aren’t in a position of authority. The workshop was for Raytheon’s YESNET group, which focuses on creating career growth opportunities for early-career employees.

If you or someone at your company is interested in hosting a workshop with TGI faculty, please contact Nancy