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Professor of Practice delivers global keynote on Awakened Intelligence

Partha Ghosh, AI Conclave Keynote Presentation

Tufts Gordon Institute’s own Partha Ghosh, Professor of Practice, was recently featured during a prestigious PanIIT Conclave 2019 event in India. Hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, this year’s conference theme focused on “Artificial Intelligence: What Does the Future Hold for India?” and the transformational role of machine learning. The two-day exclusive event was attended by global thought leaders, senior members of the Union & State governments, venture capitalists and more.

Partha Ghosh’s keynote presentation, “How Artificial Intelligence Can Deliver Real Value to Nation Building,” addressed the concept of Awakened Intelligence and the subsequent societal impact on India as a global contributor. Ghosh additionally discussed the potential for AI to be the key to unlocking India’s assets for visible socio-economic gains in the near future. In order to make this vision a reality, a strategic approach that manages to be both holistic and inclusive, is crucial to advancing developments.

As an inspiring public speaker and a compelling writer, Ghosh has delivered more than one hundred keynote addresses in significant leadership forums organized by prestigious universities, industry associations, and joint business councils. When he’s not traveling the world and sharing his industry insights, you can find Partha on campus teaching students about Globalization and Multinational Strategies, Fundamentals of Economics, and Business Analytics.