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A Photo Finish: Summer Sprint Presentations

Laura T (MSIM '19)

While the summer may not be officially over, the M.S. in Innovation & Management Class of 2019 has crossed the finish line! After a summer semester of hard work for internships, full-time jobs, and even continuing their previous semesters' Innovation Sprint ventures, students came together last week to present their latest work.

Many students presented their projects on campus in the Science & Engineering Complex, but a few tapped into modern technology to digitally present from across the country. These students included Julia Novakoff, who has been interning at numo (a FinTech lab in Pittsburgh), and Nadia Ferrer, a Solution Owner Intern with Slalom Build in Chicago (a "Build as a Service" firm with offices nationwide).

MSIM '19 together at Summer Sprints

Other Innovation Sprints focused on new products, like James Aronson's robotic trashcan or Jianquan Wang's handheld anti-spy camera device. Another exciting new venture was that of Alex Christenson & Nico Pollack. Their summer was spent working with Dr. Sameer Sonkusale, a Tufts-based researcher focused on electrical and computer engineering, to commercialize innovative smart threads.

Students who took on internships or full-time jobs explored a range of industries in their presentations, like Chang Ge's research of new markets at Sigma Millipore for genome editing work, Bota Sakhiyeva's MSEM Practicum at Sanofi Genzyme, and Robert Treiber III's aquatic technologies research & development internship at Boston Engineering.

After two successful days of Innovation Sprint presentations, students celebrated their accomplishments & completed projects over sushi and sake with Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute, and other faculty members!

MSIM students pose Questions on each other's projects