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Giving Thanks for Tufts Gordon Institute

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the upcoming holiday, current students in the M.S. in Innovation & Management program reflected on what they are thankful for this year.

“I’m thankful for the practical knowledge and mentorship that I have received from the esteemed faculty. Furthermore, I’m thankful to the program for providing me a platform to do what I love with the ‘learn by doing’ approach.” - Deepesh Moolchandani

“I’m thankful for the diversity of experiences here in the MSIM program. I’ve greatly enjoyed learning and working with students in multiple academic disciplines.” - Eric Osherow

MSIM Students: Lee Ann Song and Priyanka Ram

“I’m thankful for the community this program has provided, and for the safe space to give and receive feedback and criticism. I'm most grateful for Kevin (Executive Director, Tufts Gordon Institute; Director, M.S. in Innovation & Management; Professor of the Practice), Rebekah (Associate Director, Administration), and the professors who teach us their wisdom and insights from their experiences in the workforce.” - Priyanka Ram

“I’m thankful to have found friends in this program who not only teach me finance and pull me through late-night work sessions but who also share their cooking, teach me about their cultures, sing, jam out and go to concerts with me. I already feel like I’ve found my family in this amazing cohort!” - Lee Ann Song

While Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express gratitude for the things in your life that are meaningful to you, research confirms that showing gratitude can positively benefit your overall wellbeing. Gratitude has been scientifically linked with better sleeping habits, reducing stress, enhancing happiness, and more!