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Tufts Gordon Institute Celebrates MSEM ’20 Graduates

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

When the MS in Engineering Management Class of 2020 first started their journey, they knew they’d become innovative, tech-savvy leaders prepared to tackle the world’s largest challenges. In the weeks and month leading up to their commencement, their skills and resilience would be on display as they proved no obstacle was too big.

On Sunday, May 17, the graduates, their families, and loved ones gathered virtually with faculty to celebrate their new milestone before commencing onward.

“Going forward, there will be things that you’re going to run into that we haven’t even thought of yet. And yet, I’m completely humbled and honored to know that every one of you, as you step out in the world, has had this experience, which is going to make you true, transformative leaders with heart,” said Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute, Director of the MS in Innovation & Management program, and Professor of the Practice.

Kevin added, “I know that what you experienced, what you demonstrated, what you learned, and what you did in the last six weeks are going to lay the foundation for a very successful life.”

Mary Viola, Director of the MS in Engineering Management program and Professor of the Practice commended the graduates for their sacrifices and efforts over the past few years while noting how much they’ve grown.

“After two years of study, practice, hard work, and reflection, you develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to lead. However, there’s one more item and element that’s critical – and that is each and every one of you must make a very personal decision to act,” said Mary. “Bias to action – your family, your company and your community need you to act and they need your leadership, especially now during this extremely challenging time of COVID. I know you will find the source of energy and courage within you to be the leader that only you can be.”