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The Engineering Management minor includes 4 required courses + 1 elective, all taken for a grade.

School of Engineering Elective Options

  • EC5 - Principles of Economics

  • CS171 - Human-Computer Interaction
  • CS180 - Software Engineering
  • ME140 - Inventive Design
  • ENP161- Human Factor Product Design
  • ME102 - Modern Quality Control
  • ES152 - Engineering Systems: Stochastic Models
  • ES56 - Probability and Statistics
  • CEE53 - Engineering Economics
  • CE185 - Legal Issues in Engineering
  • CBE110 - Introduction to Optimization

General Course Elective Options

  • EC3 – Principles of Accounting (Free Elective)
  • PS104 – Public Administration (Free Elective)
  • PSY17 – Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Social Science Elective)
  • SOC122 – Organizational Behavior (Free Elective)
  • ENT103, ENT105, ENT107 – (Social Science Elective) (Note: ENT107 only as alternate to EM054 – Engineering Leadership, with permission.)
  • TPS 58 – Public Speaking (Humanities Elective)
  • PSY0006 – Psychology of Leadership (Free Elective) (Note: PSY0006 only as alternate to EM054 – Engineering Leadership, with permission.)
  • PSY53 – Engineering Psychology (Free Elective)
  • SOC114 – Sociology of Leadership (Social Science Elective)


Engineering students may fulfill their Social Science distribution requirements with the following courses: EM052, EM153 and EM054. For some, it may be possible to count two additional EM courses toward the Foundation and Concentration Blocks. Any remaining course required for the EM major would typically be a Free Elective.

For inquiries related to the minor in Engineering Management, please contact Tufts Gordon Institute's Administrative team.