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Five courses are required for the Engineering Management minor. All five courses in the minor must be taken for a grade. Course descriptions are available at:

EM 52, EM153 and EM 54 are courses that can be used by engineering students to fulfill their Social Science distribution requirements. For some engineering majors, it is possible to count two additional EM courses toward the Foundation and Concentration Blocks. Any remaining course required for the EM major would typically be a Free Elective.

For inquiries related to the minor in Engineering Management, contact Mary Viola, Program Director, Engineering Management Program at or P: 617.627.4622.

Four are designated

Please note that there have been some recent changes to the minor requirements and course numbers, as indicated below.

EM051 – Engineering Management (EM051 replaces ES052, ME054)

EM052 – Technical and Managerial Communications (EM052 replaces ES051)

EM153 – Management of Innovation (ELS101 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning may be substituted for EM153.)

EM054 – Engineering Leadership

One must be selected from the School of Engineering Elective Options or the General Course Elective Options listed below:

School of Engineering Elective Options

EC5 – Principles of Economics
EM155 – Financial Management in High Technology Firms
Comp171 – Human Computer Interaction
Comp180 – Software Engineering
ME102 – Inventive Design
ENP161- Human Factor Product Design
ME108 – Modern Quality Control
ES152 – Engineering Systems: Stochastic Models
ES56 – Probability and Statistics
CEE53 – Engineering Economics
CE185 – Legal Issues in Engineering
CBE110 – Introduction to Optimization

General Course Elective Options

EC3 – Principles of Accounting (Free Elective)
PS104 – Public Administration (Free Elective)
PSY17 – Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Social Science Elective)
SOC122 – Organizational Behavior (Free Elective)
ELS103, ELS105, ELS107 – (Social Science Elective) (Note: ELS107 only as alternate to EM054 – Engineering Leadership, with permission.)
DR0027 – Public Speaking (Humanities Elective)
PSY0006 – Psychology of Leadership (Free Elective) (Note: PSY0006 only as alternate to EM054 – Engineering Leadership, with permission.)
PSY53 – Engineering Psychology (Free Elective)
SOC114 – Sociology of Leadership (Social Science Elective)