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On-Campus MSEM Alumni Spotlights

Technology leaders on the rise.

Career Success. Lifelong Connections.

The Tufts MS in Engineering Management degree positions you for longterm career success and provides you with access to both a rapidly growing network of technology professionals and the Tufts University global alumni community. And, as our network continues to grow so does its power.

Just take a look at where some of our alumni are now, across a variety of industries and job functions.

Engineering • Product Design & Development • R&D

Dan Raymond, MSEM '13

Dan Raymond, MSEM '13

Vice President of Engineering, ProTom International

Background: B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts

"As a VP of Engineering, if you ask what drives me every day, it’s about having a successful outcome as a team."

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Keith Willett, MSEM '04

Kieth Willett, MSEM '04

Portfolio & Engineering Leader, Resideo

Background: B.S. in Computer Science
Undergraduate: Fitchburg State University

"When I applied to the program, I wasn’t prepared to be a business leader. I am fortunate to have had many great opportunities in my career, and I attribute my experience at Tufts University in the MS in Engineering Management program as key component in my career growth."

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Operations • Manufacturing

Heather Gaylord, MSEM '13

Heather Gaylord

Head of Business Excellence, Takeda

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: University of Vermont

“The MSEM program gave me vital soft skills that can be difficult to learn on the job. I can build strong relationships, make course corrections when things are going sideways, and resolve conflicts when they arise. In the end, to be an effective technical leader you need to be able to lead people."

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Kai Gray, MSEM '07

Kai Gray, MSEM '07

Senior Director, Operations Engineering, Western Digital

Background: B.S. in Management
Undergraduate: Boston University

"Completing the program gave me a tremendous sense of confidence and accomplishment. Boston is a competitive work environment that values higher education, so making it through Tufts Gordon Institute's MSEM program was a significant life achievement for me."

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Patrick Roach, MSEM '18

Patrick Roach

Chief Operating Officer, Scrum Inc.

Background: B.A. in History
Undergraduate: Emmanuel College

“The MSEM program was a great playground for exploring real-life dynamics and has made an incredible difference on my ability to have impactful interactions that drive organizational outcomes. By giving me the opportunity to learn on the job, I was able to take things immediately back to work. That put me on the company’s radar more than I was before, but also brought back a lot of value to the organization."

Lisa Wyman, MSEM '08

Lisa Wyman

Vice President of Technical Operations, Acceleron Pharma

Background: B.S. in Biology
Undergraduate: Ithaca College

"Tufts will give you the tools to excel your career. It’s the trifecta of technical curriculum, business strategy and leadership. That combination pulls together your core passion for engineering with strategic vision and executive presence."

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Product Management • Strategy

Sahidya Devadoss, MSEM '15

Sahidya Devadoss, MSEM '15

Technical Product Manager, VMware Carbon Black

Background: B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering; M.Eng. in Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: Anna University

"I chose the Tufts MSEM so I can build a unique career path that achieves this mix [of technology and business] by enhancing my leadership and business skills. Being an international student, the flexibility of the program has helped me to transition smoothly to the new environment, and the faculty has been of great support and motivation."

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Jeremy Jo, MSEM '13

Jeremy Jo

Global Product Manager, Dentsply Sirona

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University

"As an engineer, it’s often easy to become captivated by the details of a technical project. However, this program pushes individuals to think beyond the technical aspects and provides the knowledge and tools to do so. These courses provided me with a better understanding of my company’s operations and inspired me to ask questions regarding the goals and logistics of our business." 

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Andy Sutherland, MSEM '13

Andy Sutherland, MSEM '13

Senior Manager of Product Management, Amazon

Background: B.A. in Sound Recording Technology
Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts Lowell

"In order to excel, I needed to learn new skills that I couldn’t obtain on the job. I wanted to bring back fresh ideas and change the way that I approached complex problems. Choosing to go back to school was not easy for me. But it has been totally worth it, enriching my career and my life more than I thought it would."

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Program & Project Management

Marta Asack, MSEM '10

Marta Asack

Senior Director, Program Management, Sensata Technologies

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

"Tufts gave me the confidence to take a seat at the table, and it’s really shaped me into the leader I want to be. I started from nothing and now I have a global team with people in China, Mexico, and the Netherlands. [As the Senior Director of Program Management,] our goal is to double my business in the next five years."

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Sarah (Buck) Bauer, MSEM '13

Sarah Buck, MSEM '13

Principal Technical Program Manager, Amazon

Background: B.S. in Mathematics
Undergraduate: University of New Hampshire

"When I visited a Tufts MSEM class, I was immediately impressed by the professors – they are top notch experienced professionals – and the curriculum seemed focused, suited to my skills, and varied. Working with others from different backgrounds and age groups adds a dimension well beyond the classroom.”

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Amanda DeQuattro, MSEM '18

Amanda DeQuattro

Manager, Programs, Confluent Medical Technologies

Background: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Duke University

"The biggest impact the MSEM has had on my work life is seeing how a technical mind can be applied to so many different things across industry, such as marketing, sales, business strategy. I always thought of myself as a technical person but being exposed to all these different aspects of business, and of how the world works, has enhanced my career significantly."

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George Lee, MSEM '14

George Lee

Director, Program Management - Gene Therapy, Mustang Bio

Background: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering; M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Boston University

"I learned how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. This skill was essential in my transition from a well-established multinational pharmaceutical company like Pfizer to a small biotech start-up with an ambiguously complex and dynamic environment."

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Chris Rafferty, MSEM '18

Chris Rafferty

Program Manager, Raytheon

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Northeastern University

"Halfway through the program, I was promoted from an individual contributor to an engineering manager. A year after graduating, I made the leap into a program management role, where there’s a lot of opportunity for growth. I’m now on the path that I’ve always envisioned for myself."

Nikki Slaughter, MSEM '17

Nikki Slaughter

Project Manager, Balyo

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University

"Our cohort was really close and we still keep in touch. We really bonded in a way that I wasn’t expecting. It was wonderful to be around people who are all interested in the same things – that was why we all came to the Gordon Institute."

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Syra Arif, MSEM '17

Syra Arif

Manager, Solution Consulting, IT Transformation, Risk & Security, ServiceNow

Background: B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: Ohio State University

“I used to understand only one piece of the puzzle, but now I can see beyond the technical. The MSEM program really elevated my thinking, giving me executive presence and an understanding of the language of business. My return on investment has been 6x, and I’m ready to seize opportunities."

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Lee Raymond, MSEM '16

Lee Raymond

Infrastructure Services Manager, Nuance Communications

Background: B.A. in Economics
Undergraduate: Tufts University

"Ultimately, my decision to return to school was fueled by a few complementary needs. First, I knew that I wanted to focus on leadership and play a motivational role for team members. Second, I saw a need for a technical degree in order to propel my career based on my industry background."

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