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Mary Pirone, MSEM '12

Director Corporate Planning
ImmunoGen, Inc.

Undergraduate University: Northeastern University
Degree and Major: B.S. in Chemical Engineering

MS or MBA?

“I debated for more than a year about whether or not to pursue an MS or an MBA. The MSEM degree had the benefits of both. I wanted to become a leader in a technical field. To do this I needed to understand the business side. That’s exactly what the MSEM program provided.”

On the effectiveness of the MSEM degree

“My MSEM degree was the reason I landed the Mass Biologics Operations Manager position, which is a position I have wanted for a long time. I wanted to move from the technical side to the business side, but I needed something more. I was told during my interview that my MSEM degree gave me the perfect credentials I needed for this new position.”

Who was your favorite professor?

“Sam Liggero was one of my favorite professors. I liked his teaching style and I learned the most in his classes. The first project assigned to me in the MSEM program was in his new product development class. It challenged me and my team, but in the end we won first place for our innovative product idea. He also was the sponsor for my team practicum. He appointed me project manager for the team and helped me work in a field with which I was unfamiliar. With his guidance, I was able to develop a business strategy for a new robot platform, explain to the corporate sponsor that they were pushing our team out of scope, and successfully realign expectations.”

On program logistics and perks

“I loved the weekend option. At first I did not want to give up my weekends, but in the end I was glad I did. The weekend option allowed two weeks between classes to finish homework and coordinate team meetings and assignments. As a working professional and working mother, I appreciated that. I also appreciated that all of the classes were in the same building and that program administrators hand delivered all of my supplies, including books, case studies, video of missed lectures, and even my cap and gown.”

How did you balance work, school and your personal life?

“Sharp focus and good time management! Midway through the two-year program, I had my first child. Everyone in the program was amazing and supportive. In the real world, things happen that affect deadlines and project management schedules. I was grateful that program administrators and faculty were willing to work with me rather than against me.”