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Our M.S. in Engineering Management (MSEM) program is offered in two formats: Two-Year MSEM and Three-Year MSEM. Both our programs provide the same enriching cohort experience, practical skills and rigorous academics that are the hallmarks of Tufts MSEM. And, both programs cater to working professionals. Whether you choose the Two-Year MSEM or Three-Year MSEM, you also choose which class schedule works for you - evenings or weekends.

View the 2018-2019 academic calendars.

MSEM Schedule Options

  • Evening - two evenings per week, 6 - 9 pm
  • Weekend - two weekends per month, Friday and Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm

Two-Year MSEM
The fastest way to earn your Tufts MSEM degree

In just two years, you’ll develop the practical business, strategic management, and leadership skills you need to accelerate your career as a technology leader on the rise. Complete your classes with a cohort in the evening or on the weekends and conduct a real-world Capstone Leadership Project that demonstrates your newly acquired leadership, strategic management and communication skills.

Two-Year MSEM Academic & Tuition Schedule (2018-19)

With the Two-Year MSEM accelerated option, the total program tuition is split evenly across your four semesters – which spans three calendar years.

Semester 1 (Fall)Semester 2 (Spring)12-week Project (Summer)Semester 3 (Fall)Semester 4 (Spring)Total tuition
MSEM coursesMSEM coursesIndustry Consulting ProjectMSEM courses + Capstone ProjectMSEM courses + Capstone Project 
$13,500$13,500No tuition payment$13,500$13,500$54,000

Three-Year MSEM 
More time to balance your schedule, finances and career goals.

Extending your MSEM experience spreads out your course load and tuition payments, allowing you to take advantage of additional tuition reimbursement funds from your company. Complete the same four semesters of cohort-based classes as students in the Two-Year MSEM program, but customize the program in the third year by completing either a Capstone Leadership Project or two graduate level STEM electives courses within the School of Engineering, Arts & Sciences that best match your interests and career goals.

Three-Year MSEM Academic & Tuition Schedule (2018-19)

With the Three-Year MSEM flexible option, you can spread out your tuition payments across 6 semesters which spans four calendar years.

Semester 1 (Fall)Semester 2 (Spring)12-week Project (Summer)Semester 3 (Fall)Semester 4 (Spring)Semester 5 (Fall)Semester 6 (Spring)Total Tuition
MSEM coursesMSEM coursesIndustry Consulting ProjectMSEM coursesMSEM coursesCapstone or Elective 1*Capstone or Elective 2* 
$11,000$11,000No tuition payment$11,000$11,000$5,000*$5,000*$54,000

* The Capstone Project or two STEM electives can be completed and billed over two semesters ($5,000 in both semesters 5 & 6), or completed and billed entirely within one of the semesters ($10,000 in either semester 5 or 6). Note: for students who chose to enroll in the two elective courses, any books required are not included in the tuition.

Professional Education Courses

Want to ease into the MSEM program while also spreading out course load and tuition costs? Take one or two Professional Education courses before enrolling and apply those credits toward the requirements for your MSEM degree. All Professional Education courses are taught by top-quality Tufts Gordon Institute faculty.

Learn more about Professional Education courses

Dual Master’s Degree Program – MSEM + MS in Engineering

Looking to increase your technical depth while building practical business and leadership skills? With the MSEM + MS in Engineering, you can earn an engineering Master’s degree back-to-back with your MSEM.

  • Save time and money by taking certain courses that count towards both degrees (MSEM Three-Year program students only).
  • MSEM + MS in Engineering students may also be eligible for tuition scholarships and standardized test score waivers.

Contact us for additional information about earning your MSEM and a second master's degree at Tufts.