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Craig Teed, MSEM '19

MES Engineer II

Undergraduate University: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Degree and Major: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Work Experience before Tufts: MES Engineer I, Lonza

Where were you in your career and what drove your decision to go back to school?

I saw this program as an incredible opportunity to expand myself, learn from extremely talented industry experts, and discover new professional trajectories. My employer believed in my potential and encouraged me to take that next step. I was looking for a program that would help me develop skills that I would need for future management roles in the industry and raise my professional ceiling.

Why did you choose to pursue a M.S. in Engineering Management at Tufts?

My original plan was to pursue a traditional MBA, because I knew an advanced degree would increase my chances for accelerated advancement. After looking at other programs, I found that the MSEM at Tufts presented the perfect alternative. For anyone working in engineering or the sciences, it was clear that this program’s curriculum covered everything you’d want in an MBA and then even more. What stood out to me was the direct applicability to my work – I would be able to take what I’d learn and apply it directly to my position at Lonza, and then directly to future roles in the industry. Plus, I met some of the Gordon Institute’s impressive faculty and alumni, who make up a great network.

How have you been able to apply aspects of the MSEM curriculum at work?

The most significant way this program has impacted me in my current role is through the maturity I've gained. I am still an individual contributor at Lonza, so I do not have direct authority or leverage to persuade others through the traditional corporate structure. However, I have had significant success in exercising leadership without authority and effective project management in my current capacity. These are all accomplishments that I attribute to this program. MSEM has also given me much more confidence to pursue things that I would not have done otherwise, such as having a 1-on-1 conversation with the CEO of my company. The MSEM program provides the perfect foundation for anyone who is looking for more responsibility and opportunities in the workplace.

Favorite MSEM course so far:
Business Strategy

What scientific or engineering innovation would you like to see in the next 100 years? 
I would like to see the implementation of a comprehensive network of autonomous transportation in my lifetime. I think the means by which we get from "Point A" to "Point B" is one of the most under-innovated types of technology in the world today.

What is a company or organization you admire?
I admire Apple Inc. for many reasons - its commitment to customer satisfaction, willingness to change according to the demands of society, and unshakable focus on improving peoples' everyday lives are just a few.

Advice for future MSEM students: 
Enter this program with an open mind. The wealth of knowledge and resources you'll have at your fingertips will be even more useful if you are fully receptive to every opportunity.