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Meet the new wave of innovators.

Whether you aspire to be a product manager, work in technology strategy, build sustainable cities for the future, help support clean tech startups, become a data scientist or launch your own business, Tufts M.S. in Innovation & Management prepares you to innovate and have impact in a variety of roles. Check out how some MSIM alumni are leveraging their degree.

Aditi Deorukhakar, MSIM '18

Co-Founder, ZwitterCo

Background: B.E., Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate: University of Mumbai, 2015

"The [MSIM] leadership program had the highest impact on me because it really pushed me to figure out myself and where my leadership skills lie. It helped me develop the discipline and structural thinking that I need to do with every personal and professional decision I make, and I see that really bearing fruit every day in my life."

To read more about the success of ZwitterCo, a startup originally developed as an MSIM Innovation Sprint, click here.

Alex Rappaport, MSIM '18

Co-Founder, ZwitterCo

Background: B.S., Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

“With so many resources and mentors, the MSIM program is the perfect foundation to take your venture as far as you can. The success we’ve seen this year has been incredible. We placed First in Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition in the high-tech track, and we recently secured funding from Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.”

To read more about the success of ZwitterCo, a startup originally developed as an MSIM Innovation Sprint, click here.

Ashwini Chidirala, MSIM '17

Analyst, Nuvera Life Science Consulting

Background: B.S., Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Rutgers University, 2016

"All of us [in my cohort] learned more ways to learn something rather than just learning a concept. We relied equally on our peers as we did on our professors, and I think that helped me prepare for what working experience is like. We learned more than what anyone could learn from a textbook; our professors were industry professionals who have excelled in their fields."

Barton Liang, MSIM '17

Engineer, Virtual Design & Construction at Clark Construction, one of the largest construction firms in the U.S. (Washington, DC)

Background: B.S., Civil Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“New Product Development had the biggest impact on me because I was taught a whole new way of holistically approaching problems, including how to find and address a potential customer or other stakeholder’s (spoken or unspoken) needs. I was able to apply these skills not only to my Sprint project and the start-up that followed, but also to my summer internship at a multinational construction company.”

Benny Kim, MSIM '17

Greentown Fellow with Greentown Labs, the nation’s largest clean technology startup

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“My main task is to establish a strong relationship between Tufts University and Greentown Labs by connecting students, faculty, researchers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers in the clean technology field. I will also focus on global outreach and identification of international opportunities.”

Brendon Meknavin

Brendon Meknavin, MSIM '18

Partner Marketing Specialist, Google

Background: B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Purdue University, 2014

"The MSIM program not only built my business acumen but also sparked my interest in effectively solving customer problems by creating compelling products. The hands-on experiential learning gave me the chance to apply the concepts I learned in class and work with multidisciplinary teammates simultaneously, which prepared me well for the contemporary technology industry. The faculty members have also been a source of insightful academic and career advice that I believe will be beneficial throughout my long-lasting career."

Cameron Irwin, MSIM '18

Associate, BitOoda Technologies

Background: B.A., Economics
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

"It's an engineering degree, but it's not a technical engineering degree. It's a great crossroads that you get all these technical people and teach them the business skills, how to actually make money, and how to change the world using their skills. I don't want to use this as a stepping stone; I want to actually make a positive difference in the world."

Edith (Yihan) Hu, MSIM '17

Operations Analyst, ZypMedia (San Francisco)

Background: Bachelor of Business Administration
Undergraduate: East China Normal University, 2016

“I was surprised by the diversity of my MSIM classmates. They are an extremely intelligent and dynamic group from all different backgrounds. I learned so much from them about communication, styles of leadership, and the spirit of learning new things.”

Fan Chen, MSIM '18

Solutions Engineer at 6 River Systems, Inc.

Background: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: McGill University, 2012

"I chose Tufts because I wanted to learn about customer discovery and design thinking skills. I was debating if I should go to an MBA or something more unique, like MSIM, and I definitely made the right choice. Throughout all of our Sprint team projects, I learned to lead, influence, and negotiate effectively."

Hirosei Kuruma, MSIM '17

Research Associate, Lux Research Emerging Technologies Group

Background: B.S., Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“We produce research reports for industrial clients on emerging technologies. I am contributing to the wearable electronics and autonomous systems teams. I am producing research and insights on trends and the state of the market, while also helping clients with their business strategies. I could not have qualified for this job without the MSIM degree.”

Jinsu Chang, MSIM '18

Founder and CEO of Lumen Energy Solutions

Background: B.A., International Relations
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

“Throughout the MSIM program, I was trained to really learn on the fly and adopt all the skills necessary in running a business. I felt really prepared when I came out to the real world and decided to start my business; I knew where I should start and how I should start building the company."

Maren Brenninkmeijer, MSIM '17

Product Manager at Philips Corporate

Background: B.S., Architecture
Undergraduate: Delft University of Technology, 2016

“One of the things that made [the program] so impactful were the personal connections I had with my fellow students, professors, and the Gordon Institute staff. Everyone was so open to sharing ideas to help us accomplish our goals. Everything that I learned in the MSIM has returned directly in my work [at Philips]."

Rahul Chavan, MSIM '18

Product Manager, Financials Technology - ERP Cloud Group at Oracle America, Inc.

Background: B.Tech., Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: SVKM's Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, 2016

"The MSIM program has been the most empowering choice I've made. When I entered the program, I knew I wanted to do something at the intersection of business, tech and marketing. What the program has helped cultivate in me is that entrepreneurial spirit, and you can take that to any job that you go into."

Rahul Rakhit, MSIM '18

Equity Research Associate, LifeSci Capital

Background: B.S., Biology & Bioinformatics
Undergraduate: Boston College, 2017

"The Career Development class was one of the most important thing to happen [to me]. Once I was in the door [at LifeSci Capital], I found I was actually ahead of the other people I started with because of the different classes I took and understanding the macro & micro economic aspects of what goes into a company."

Rebecca O’Connor, MSIM '17

Assistant Project Manager at NV5

Background: B.E., Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Stevens Institute Technology, 2016

“The skills developed in the MSIM program apply to so many different fields. I have the technical background, but really wanted to learn the people skills.It was great to have classmates, now friends, with different backgrounds and career interests come together and learn from each other.”

Sagun Sanghi

Sagun Sanghi, MSIM '18

Software Engineer, Silicus

Background: B. Tech., Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, 2016

“The MSIM program gave me the necessary skills and techniques to tackle each client’s problem in the most innovative and thorough way possible to help them fulfill their objectives. It is okay to fail and okay to fail quickly since there is a lot to learn from your failures. I believe that failures give you a fresh perspective on how to lookout for potential problems that may arise on whatever venture you have undertaken."

Sam Miller, MSIM '18

Technical Business Analyst, GreyBird Ventures

Background: B.S., Biology & Biotechnology
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“The Innovation Sprints taught me that, no matter what, there's always more to learn. My favorite takeaway has to be the network you walk away with. You never really leave [Tufts] because you always have your professors and peers if you need them later."

Sarah Drury, MSIM '17

User Researcher, DraftKings

Background: BA.&Sc., Cognitive Science
Undergraduate: McGill University, 2016

"The focus of my role is to understand how people interact with technology so that my team can create great digital products. This means looking at improving the usability of existing products and uncovering unmet needs for future offerings. Knowing how to approach a customer and extract insights, conducting both quantitative and qualitative customer research, creating a customer journey map, analyzing data – these are all skills I learned during the program and leverage as a user researcher."

Teresita Liebel, MSIM '18

Human Factors Engineer at Farm Design, Inc.

Background: B.S., Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Concentrations in Mechanical Engineering and Social Sciences
Undergraduate: Lehigh University, 2017

“Working in interdisciplinary teams of designers and engineers, I am responsible for usability testing and design ethnography of our medical and life sciences products. MSIM prepared me to dig deeper to find the root cause of a customer’s potential problem.”

Trish O’Connor

Application Support Engineer, Engineering Development Group, the MathWorks

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

"I am drawing on my MSIM experience in my current role as I provide technical support directly to customers. The Leadership class prepared me to communicate confidently and effectively and the New Product Development class has helped me to understand the customers' pain points and deliver useful reports to our developers.”

Yongtao Ding, MSIM '17

Data Scientist/Architect, Didi Chuxing

Background: B.E. in Software Engineering
Undergraduate: Wuhan University, 2106

“The Applied Data Science course inspired me and has guided me to a career as a data scientist. My classmates and the Tufts community were very collaborative throughout the year and continue to be a great support network.”

Zachary Zager, MSIM '18

Product Manager, Onapsis Inc.

Background: B.S., Engineering Psychology
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

"MSIM was really pivotal for what I'm doing now in terms of working with a group of interdisciplinary people at the company and in terms of understanding the business side. Being able to have a better sense of all the elements of a business is pretty profound; I have a much better understanding of all the puzzle pieces that go into a company now."