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Solving big challenges requires different perspectives and diverse thinking. Our students come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds from electrical, chemical, environmental, computer and mechanical engineering, to human factors, biology, and economics.  This year about half of the class is from outside the U.S. and 36% of the class is female. Read more about all the Class of 2018 student profile statistics.

Sergio Abraham

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: Bachelor of Engineering, Information Systems; Fulbright Scholar
Undergraduate: National Technological University, Argentina, 2012

Why MSIM: “From a professional perspective, I want to deeply understand all sides of innovation and how to create the proper environments for creativity. I’m looking forward to getting to know amazing people from interdisciplinary backgrounds. I want to connect, not only with other students, but also with faculty and researchers from the widest range of domains and disciplines.”

“I am really happy with the faculty members. Their style is not just lecture/discussion classes – it’s a strong hands-on sprint-based approach. They are all very open-minded and focused on helping us succeed in the program and in our careers. They are constantly trying to find ways to connect us with other students or faculty. I believe cross-discipline knowledge is essential to foster innovation, and that is what this program is all about. It is a real privilege to be right here, right now.”


Jinsu Chang

South Korea/Honduras

Background: B.A. International Relations
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

Why MSIM: "My passion for Latin America motivated me to study International Relations in my undergraduate education at Tufts University. Now, I want to build my management skills to tackle and solve the problems in the region innovatively."

"I have found the MSIM program to be innovative, experimental, and flexible!"

Rahul Chavan

Background: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, 2016

Why MSIM: "The MSIM program is very intimate unlike other graduate programs, in that the faculty is vested in and supportive of your personal goals and objectives, and take great efforts to help you in achieving them. The program is unique because it places great emphasis on innovative project work in the form of its Sprints."

"I’d like to use this year to learn how great products/services are born from the efforts of diverse teams. In the near future, I see myself working in a cross-functional role in the field of product development or product innovation. My ultimate goal is to run my own start-up with the aim of making an impact in my community."

Chen Chen

Beijing, China

Background: Bachelor of Management, Marketing
Undergraduate: Peking University, 2015

Why MSIM: “The MSIM program is the most open and stimulating environment I have ever been in. Classes here push me far from my comfort zone and the professors teach me readily applicable knowledge and really practical skills."

“This year, I’m going to get ready to start my business.”

Aditi Deorukhakar

Mumbai, India

Background: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate: Mumbai University 2015

Why MSIM: “The MSIM program has a very unique structure in the form of Sprints. What stood out to me was the flexibility of the curriculum that allows you to stretch into directions that fascinate you the most. And, the faculty focuses on preparing us for the real world as much as they focus on grades."

"This year, I hope to explore more practical applications of my undergraduate education in engineering while developing my management skills.”

Brendon Meknavin

Bangkok, Thailand

Background: B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate: Purdue University, 2014

Why MSIM: “I chose Tufts MSIM because it consists of more than just lectures and homework - it integrates workshops that allows me to utilize the skills learned during the program to create real life products and businesses.”

"This year, I hope to obtain the necessary skills to master the thought process/mindset used in creating and scaling a business in the technology industry.”

Sam Miller

Background: B.A., Biology and Biotechnology
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

Why MSIM: “I want to gain a whole new skillset that will help me to find how to make myself most useful in a world of rapidly expanding translational technologies.”

“This program will provide you with a tremendous amount of guidance and opportunity, but will also expect a great deal from you. Come prepared to hit the ground running, but know that if you trip, you’ll have a community to support you.”

Melek Ozturk

Istanbul, Turkey

Background: Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering
Undergraduate: Boğaziçi University, 2012

Why MSIM: "MSIM is a very unique program that wraps serious business school elements around innovative projects. This makes the program more interactive and appealing because it gives us a chance to grow personally and apply new skills to real business challenges." 

I hope to challenge my limits, both personally and technically, so that I can gain confidence to be a trusted, communicative leader in the future."


Nuermaimaiti Pazilaiti

Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

Background: B.S., Polymer Materials and Engineering
Undergraduate: Shanghai University 2017

Why MSIM: “I've always been curious about the business world. In the MSIM program, I'm hoping to learn more about technology-related business and I want to develop management and leadership skills to help position me for exciting roles in the future.”

“This is a place where my fellow classmates are full of passion about making changes in the world, and the community is infused with a multicultural atmosphere.”

Sagun Sanghi

Mumbai, India

Background: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Engineering
Undergraduate: Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, 2016

Why MSIM: “Because it allows me to exercise my creativity in the real world. The curriculum includes all the elements I was looking for to forward my career in the field of innovation. Also, the faculty are supportive of my growth as an individual as well as a professional.”

“I hope to leverage my background as a computer engineer and apply that technical expertise in the field of innovation.”

Adam Tracht

Background: B.A., Psychology and Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

Why MSIM: "I’ve always loved coming up with new solutions to the problems we all face every day (and then convincing everyone around me to use them). I chose the MSIM program to develop and hone the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to refine those ideas and turn them into viable businesses."

"Education is infinitely more meaningful when you’re studying what matters to you. MSIM seminars are hands-on and the material is thought provoking and well-aligned with my personal and career interests, so I’m having more fun in this program than I ever have in academia."

An Rhiel Wang

Dallas, Texas

Background: B.A.,  Architecture Studies and Art History
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

Why MSIM: “I chose the MSIM program because I am inspired by the curriculum's devotion to fostering practical skills in an interactive and immersive group environment. The MSIM program is unique in that it encourages students to exercise their technical expertise within an entrepreneurial framework.”

My goal is to think critically and act creatively. I'm hoping the MSIM program will help further develop my skills as a leader, entrepreneur, and innovative thinker by challenging me to apply my academic background to real-world scenarios.”

Zach Zager

Background: B.S., Engineering Psychology
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2017

Why MSIM: “I am excited by the program’s focus on personal exploration and finding issues I’m passionate about. I have been blown away by how committed everyone in the program has been to creating a collaborative environment for one another. Everyone has each other’s backs in a way that feels really unique.”

"I want to design technologies that empower people to live smarter, more sustainable, and more exciting lives.”