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Meet the new wave of innovators.

Whether you aspire to be a product manager, work in technology strategy, build sustainable cities for the future, help support clean tech startups, become a data scientist or launch your own business, Tufts M.S. in Innovation & Management prepares you to innovate and have impact in a variety of roles. Check out what some of the inaugural MSIM class of 2017 are up to after their first year in the program.

Maren Brenninkmeijer, MSIM '17

Product Manager at Philips Corporate

Background: B.S. Architecture
Undergraduate: Delft University of Technology, 2016

“One of the things that made this year so impactful were the personal connections I had with my fellow students, professors, and the Gordon Institute staff. Everyone was so open to sharing ideas to help us accomplish our goals.”


Yongtao Ding, MSIM '17

Data Analyst at Sensible Spreader Technologies

Background: B.E. in Software Engineering
Undergraduate: Wuhan University, 2106

“The Applied Data Science course inspired me and has guided me to a career as a data scientist. My classmates and the Tufts community were very collaborative throughout the year and continue to be a great support network.”

Sarah Drury, MSIM '17

People Design Researcher, Innovation Group, Philips Lighting

Background: B.S., Neuroscience
Undergraduate: McGill University, 2016

"The focus of my role is to uncover insights and to co-create with designers with a people centric focus. This means looking at the relationship between customers and products in all phases of development. Knowing how to approach a customer and extract insights, conducting both quantitative and qualitative customer research, creating a customer journey map, analyzing data – these are all skills I learned during the program and will be leveraging at Philips."

Edith (Yihan) Hu, MSIM '17

Project Manager and Data Analysis Intern, ZEISS Microscopy, leading provider of microscopy products

Background: Bachelor of Business Administration
Undergraduate: East China Normal University, 2016

“I was surprised by the diversity of my MSIM classmates. They are an extremely intelligent and dynamic group from all different backgrounds. I learned so much from them about communication, styles of leadership, and the spirit of learning new things.”

Benny Kim, MSIM '17

Greentown Fellow with Greentown Labs, the nation’s largest clean technology startup

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“My main task is to establish a strong relationship between Tufts University and Greentown Labs by connecting students, faculty, researchers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers in the clean technology field. I will also focus on global outreach and identification of international opportunities.”

Hirosei Kuruma, MSIM '17

Research Associate, Lux Research Emerging Technologies Group

Background: B.S., Chemical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“We produce research reports for industrial clients on emerging technologies. I am contributing to the wearable electronics and autonomous systems teams. I am producing research and insights on trends and the state of the market, while also helping clients with their business strategies. I could not have qualified for this job without the MSIM degree.”

Barton Liang, MSIM '17

Engineer, Clark Construction, one of the largest civil firms in the U.S.

Background: B.S., Civil Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

“New Product Development had the biggest impact on me because I was taught a whole new way of holistically approaching problems, including how to find and address a potential customer or other stakeholder’s (spoken or unspoken) needs. I was able to apply these skills not only to my sprint project and the start-up that followed, but also to my summer internship at a multinational construction company.”

Trish O’Connor

Engineer at iStrategyLabs, a digital marketing agency in Washington, DC

Background: B.S., Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate: Tufts University, 2016

”iStrategyLabs designs engaging and inspiring exhibits, commercials, media, and shows for major brands that leverage leading edge hardware and software. My Sprint experiences taught me user-centered, rapid prototyping techniques that I’m able to apply in my work. I came out the program ready to lead and collaborate in the workplace.”

Rebecca O’Connor, MSIM '17

Assistant Project Manager at NV5

Background: B.E., Biomedical Engineering
Undergraduate: Stevens Institute Technology, 2016

“The skills developed in the MSIM program apply to so many different fields. It was great to have classmates, now friends, with different backgrounds and career interests come together and learn from each other.”

Gulin Olcer, MSIM '17

Entrepreneur, Sustainability consultant

Background: B.A., Psychology
Undergraduate: Koc University, 2012

“I’m the co-founder of a sustainable denim school project based in Aegean region of Turkey. We train clients on sustainable practices in denim-design and production while creating new employment opportunities in rural areas.”