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The 32-credit, Online M.S. in Engineering Management degree is comprised of the MSEM core curriculum, milestone projects, and electives. Each component of the 100% online program occurs in a state-of-the-art virtual learning portal, so you can study at your pace - when and where fits best with your work schedule and lifestyle!

MSEM Core Part 1 (8 Credits)

A series of 7-week short courses in which you learn how to lead yourself & others, while using technology to develop new products or services to meet customer and business needs.

Courses include:

  • Essentials of Technology Strategy (2 Credits)
  • Accounting and Financial Intelligence (2 Credits)
  • Leading Teams and Developing Emotional Intelligence (2 Credits)
  • Customer Discovery and Retention (2 Credits)

Milestone Project #1: Integrated Team Project (2 Credits)

After completing MSEM Core Part 1, you will apply your learning by working in a small, virtual team to develop the business plan for a new product or service, supported by a faculty advisor. During this project, you will participate in weekly seminars to learn best practices in product development.

Seminar topics include:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Project Management
  • Communications & Presentation Skills

MSEM Core Part 2 (8 Credits)

A series of 7-week short courses in which you learn how to leverage data, people, and design systems to grow companies or projects.

Courses include:

  • Data Analytics (2 Credits)
  • Systems Thinking (2 Credits)
  • Designing Organizations to Scale (2 Credits)
  • Leading Change Management (2 Credits)

Milestone Project #2: Individual Capstone Leadership Project (2 Credits)

After completing MSEM Core Part 2, you will apply your learning in a project for your current employer or a client organization, supported by a faculty advisor. 

Electives (12+ Credits)

Electives can be completed at any time during your Online MSEM experience. You may choose any course across Tufts University (100 or 200 level) , or choose from topical courses offered by Tufts Gordon Institute. During the summer of 2020, Gordon Institute electives will include those listed below, with additional electives being rolled out each semester.

  • Contracts and Negotiation (2 Credits)
  • Product Management (2 Credits)