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Online M.S. in Engineering Management

Accepted Student Resources

Welcome to the Online M.S. in Engineering Management Program! 

We look forward to your first week of class and have put together some information to help get you started and prepared for the program.

First, please review the School of Engineering Admitted Student Information, including the New Student Checklist and take the necessary steps to set up your email, complete your enrollment process (submit a final sealed transcript, pay your bill, etc.). Additional information that is commonly requested is below.

You will be receiving additional details as to how to prepare for classes via your Tufts email shortly before classes start. If you have any questions in the meantime, we are here to help! You can email Rebekah Plotkin, Associate Director of Administration,  at or give her a call at 617-627-6512 to discuss any details of the program or questions regarding how to get started.


There is no synchronous orientation for the Online MSEM degree program. Instead, approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes you will receive an email invitation to your Tufts email asking you to join the MSEM Orientation course. Be sure to set it up by then! See the “Getting Started” page for more information.

This is an online orientation for the program including information on planning the completion of your degree, how to meet with faculty and utilize Tufts resources, how to access course materials, and more!


It is recommended that students register for all 4 of the first core courses to start the degree; however, this is not required. If your schedule doesn’t allow it, you can opt to register for as few as 1 course (2 credits). There are 4 core courses offered the first semester.

Session 1 (first 7 weeks)

  • EM 293-01 Essentials of Technology Strategy (2 credits)
  • EM 293-02 Leadership: Personal and Team Development (2 credits)

Session 2 (second 7 weeks)

  • EM 293-03 Developing Financial Literacy (2 credits)
  • EM 293-04 Customer Discovery and Solution Design (2 credits)

Please see the academic calendar for the exact dates of each session.

Billing & Tuition Payment

The Online MSEM Online program is billed by credit. You will be initially billed for 8 credits, which is the recommended number of credits per semester, however, your bill will adjust to reflect the number of credits you are enrolled in once you complete your course registration. It is recommended that you complete your course registration as soon as possible. Click here to view tuition information.

You will be emailed when the bill is ready. You can find a copy of your bill on which can be used for corporate reimbursement purposes.

Online MSEM students have the option to pay their bill using bank transfer, wire, a monthly installment plan, loans or credit card.  View more information on the payment plan or how to submit a non credit card payment. Credit card payments can be made in the eBill system.

Corporate Reimbursement

Many students are eligible to have their tuition covered by their company tuition reimbursement programs. We encourage students to reach out to their Human Resources department and manager to understand if there is an available benefit, what the requirements are, and the deadlines for submitting paperwork.  If you require additional information to file paperwork from Tufts, please reach out to the Associate Director of Administration, Rebekah Plotkin, for assistance.


Students are subject to all Tufts University, School of Engineering, and Tufts Gordon Institute policies. You should familiarize yourself with the graduate student handbook and the Online MSEM Online Program Handbook (which will be distributed as part of orientation).

Meet your Academic Advisor

You will be introduced to your academic advisor shortly after classes begin. This advisor will help you navigate the degree program, select electives, and serve as your Capstone Advisor.