Engineering Management Minor

Anderson Hall, Tufts School of Engineering building.

Anderson Hall, Tufts School of Engineering building.

The Engineering Management Minor is a leadership-focused course of study that emphasizes real-life experience and engineering practice, not just theory. A Tufts engineering degree combined with an Engineering Management Minor will give you a competitive edge and equip you to make significant contributions as soon as you enter the workplace. The minor in Engineering Management is available for all engineering undergraduate students at Tufts.

Beginning with the fall 2015 academic semester, students can declare a minor with the AS&E registrar’s office similar to the way they currently declare a first or second major.  Please fill out the Declaration of Majors/Minor Form for your school on the registrar’s website, and follow the directions for submission:

Students must also complete the EM Minor Certification Form with Tufts Gordon Institute.  Please fill out the EM Minor Certification Form below and submit.  Once your form has been approved and signed, we will return a signed copy to your email address.  Students can then bring the signed form to Student Services before the deadline for their graduation period.

If you have any questions about completing the EM Minor Certification Form, please contact Jane Wilmot at or 617-627-4723.

Engineering Management Minor Certification Form

Four required courses and one elective are required for the minor.
  • Tufts student ID number.
  • ex: May, August or February 2015