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After the $100k New Ventures Live Finals on April 5th 2019, the judges selected the following winners per track.

Social Impact Track:

First Place

The Now Exchange

The Now Exchange (TNE) is bringing health access and choice to women in the Bangladeshi garment industry. Women represent 80% of the workers in this sector, often making notably low wages while facing economic and health challenges. That’s why TNE will use health clinics based in garment factories as a channel for delivering free improved health services, starting with contraceptives and eventually expanding to other offerings. Additionally, TNE will train clinic staff in an effort to strengthen the health systems that most directly affect garment workers. Through this model, TNE ultimately seeks to shift the exchange between retailers and workers by advocating for investment into women’s health.

Team Members: Giulia Bova; Farah Momen (FG20)

Second Place


Kisaan (Farmer) is targeted to small-holder farmers in Pakistan. It is an asset-based microfinance product featuring flexible repayment schedules, providing opportunity to farmers to share the risk of new investments and at the same time complies with Islamic financial norms.

Team Members: Aesclinn Donohue (FG20 MIB); Mohammad Uzairi (FG20 MIB)

Third Place


One billion people worldwide work in agriculture generating $2.4 trillion for the global economy. Within that industry, avocados are a rapidly growing market expected to reach $23 billion by 2027 – a market opportunity for Colombia as the 4th largest producer. SustAg4All is a knowledge, community, and business platform to enable farmers to profit from sustainable agriculture production. Our beachhead market is sustainable avocados in Colombia. Our value proposition centers on providing small farmers access to knowledge, markets, and credit in an integrated approach, with a vision for Colombia to become the world’s largest sustainable avocado producer and to provide a sustainable livelihood for small farmers, their families, and communities. Our approach is three-fold: (i) an Agribusiness Innovation Lab, (ii) partnerships with over 16,000 small farmers and key strategic partners, and (iii) an innovative 4P sustainable impact business model (People, Planet, Profit, and Peace-Building).

Team Members: Cesar Diaz; Natalia Estrada; Jacquie Kay (Fletcher judge); Cyrena Thibodeau (NG20); Luis Villegas (FG19); Jacob Weiss (NG20); Rockford Weitz (F02, FG08, Director & Entrepreneurship Coach of Fletcher Maritime Studies program)

General Business & Technology Track:

First Place (Tied)


Dyne is a platform that enhances the dining experience at sit-down restaurants by digitizing the order and payment processes for the customer, providing ease and convenience that results in higher margins for restaurants through targeted exposure, faster turn times, and bigger check sizes.

Team Members: Greg Kulchyckyj (A19); Shehryar Malik (A19); Daniel Westrich (A19)

Kandula Hard Kombucha

Kandula Hard Kombucha was founded in pursuit of crafting the perfect alcoholic drink. It’s naturally fermented from organic tea with 5% ABV but only 104 calories. Not only is it delicious and refreshing, but it’s the healthiest buzz you’ll ever have!

Team Members: Divya Joseph (EG19); Alfred Naayem (EG19); Julia Novakoff (EG19); Bota Sakhiyeva (EG19)

Second Place


NeverClog is a hands free, eco-friendly drain debris solution. NeverClog’s two-part process both traps hair and debris to prevent a clog from occurring, while also neutralizing and decomposing the waste. In addition, NeverClog requires no unpleasant hand cleaning, and is safe to both the environment and plumbing systems, as well as being universally adaptable to all standard shower drains!

Team Members: Olaoluwa Faleye (E21); Geoffrey Grumbach (A21); Jacqueline Kirk (A21)

Third Place


Estateably is an estate settlement platform that allows financial professionals to dramatically expedite the estate settlement process through the digitization of paper-based processes while ensuring regulatory compliance. Across Canada, the process of settling an estate, from death to distribution of assets, takes approximately four years. This stems from a lack of tools available to executors who are embarking on a process that has remained largely unchanged in over 20 years. Furthermore, there is an inherent lack of trust among each participant as they can be held legally liable for any error committed during the process. Digitizing this process is vital in accelerating the settlement process. Providing professionals with tools such as: automated form generation, data and task management tools as well as report and compliance tracking capabilities, will dramatically reduce the time to settlement across Canada and in any subsequent jurisdiction in which Estateably will operate.

Team Members: Alexander Wulkan (A19)

Medical Devices & Life Science Track:

First Place


Sterilyse is the future of spaying your most loyal family member, your pet. Most people would prefer to take medicine than have invasive surgery, so we believe our pets should have the same option. Sterilyse is a non-surgical alternative to traditional methods of companion animal spay and neuter. We believe the current surgical methods are barbaric, expensive, and outdated. Our patented injectable will improve the lives of vets, pet owners, and pets alike with a humane and cost-effective solution.

Team Members: Anastasia Budinskaya (EG19); Chad Goldberg (E18, EG19)

Second Place

Hero Patch

For people who wish to stay active and healthy, yet experience pain, the Hero Patch is a form of intradermal drug delivery that leverages microneedle technology to deliver targeted medicine. This is the most efficient mode of topical treatment and much healthier than oral options. With that in mind, Hero Patch will act as a medical device producer and distributor, revolutionizing medicine by providing the healthiest method of pain relief. 80% of NCAA athletes consume more than the recommended dosage of painkillers, and 65% of athletes know that they take too many pills but feel like they have no other choice. This is the first market where we will address the overuse of oral pain management with revolutionary microneedle technology to create an advanced drug delivery patch. This sleek, comfortable patch, similar to a bandage, allows for immediate, targeted pain relief, bypasses the digestive tract, decreases dosage, and has 4x greater absorption than other modes of intradermal relief.

Team Members: Lulu Li (EG19); Jake Lombardo (EG19); Robert Treiber III (E18, EG19); Konstantinos Tzortzakis (EG19)

Third Place

Vivo Sango

Our patterned dried blood spot cards have the potential to permanently alter the way blood and plasma samples are collected on a global scale. Traditional dried blood spot cards are a passive medium for biofluid storage and have no method for sample purification or volume control. Our cards can distribute and store discrete volumes of whole blood as well as plasma—a feature not currently possible with any dried blood or plasma spot card on the market to date. Our approach will improve blood sample collection, stability, and integrity—leading to more dependable biomedical samples. Enhancing sample output provides highly accurate insight to patient health and enables personalized treatment plans. False positives or negatives due to degraded samples delay proper treatment, which can stress the patient mentally, physically, and financially. Advancing patient treatment allows for reduced morbidity rates and improvement of overall quality of life.

Team Members: Jessica Brooks (Postdoctoral Scholar in the School of Arts & Sciences); Charlie Mace (Assistant Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences)