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Developing the Leader Within

Transforming the way you lead.

A technology-driven world requires leaders with technical expertise. But few degree programs in engineering or the sciences develop the leadership capabilities needed to rise to the highest levels. Like interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and global perspectives.

And no other MBA or technical master’s program offers the balance of data-driven, technical understanding, business acumen, and creativity that you’ll get from the Tufts Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM).

Our leadership module in the MSEM program is data-oriented and very concrete. It pushes you out of your comfort zone so you can learn, grow, and remain steady in stressful situations, but it’s very practical and focused on skills you can use at work.

Advancing your career from day one of class.

You’ll find leadership development opportunities throughout your MSEM experience. It starts with deepening your awareness of how you interact with others with assessment tools such as Myers Briggs and 360° feedback from your workplace. And continues with feedback from peers in class projects, as well as from faculty and clients.

Two of your six core courses are entirely focused on developing your ability to lead and problem-solve creatively. The MSEM offers case studies and projects focused on engineering practice, literary readings to explore the dynamics of human relationships, and real-world projects to put what you’re learning into practice. And through one-on-one coaching from faculty, you’ll target specific leadership goals for your career.

Our unique and practical curriculum.

The MSEM degree’s unique integrated curriculum puts your emerging leadership skills and insights into practice through:

  • Hands-on, collaborative projects in your classes,
  • A 12-week summer consulting project for a real-world client,
  • And a culminating independent project for your current employer or a client organization.

Through it all, you’ll have many opportunities to hone your presentation and communication skills. To lead a diverse team and explore effective ways of giving and receiving feedback. To expand your perspective from a project-based to strategic viewpoint. This innovative curriculum was recognized nationally with the National Academy of Engineering’s Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education, for “development of a multidisciplinary graduate program for engineering professionals who have the potential and desire to be engineering leaders.”