Kevin Oye

Letter from the Executive Director

Letter From Tufts Gordon Institute’s Executive Director: Kevin Oye

Today’s novel problems call for a new generation of creative leaders who can translate cutting-edge research into real-world impact. As the hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and management within Tufts University’s School of Engineering, Tufts Gordon Institute offers holistic programs that teach the skills needed to build organizations that harness expert knowledge to change the world. The promise of a society that’s prepared to make disruptive advancements for the better is possible, and it starts with you. 

We’re developing a new kind of leader with the skills and knowledge needed to shape the future of high-tech industries. Our students understand emerging innovations, carry deep empathy for human needs, and have the creativity and independence of thought to make fresh, new solutions happen. Above all, our students are relentlessly driven to innovate the future in this technology-oriented world. Through our programs, we empower students to uncover the long-lasting impact of their technical skills while leading with boldness and conviction to inspire change. 

For over 30 years, we have been creating a worldwide community of transformative leaders with heart. We pride ourselves on developing curricula based on experiential learning and opportunities that go beyond the classroom. In recent times, we have witnessed how our world can change overnight without notice. That’s why all of our faculty across all programs are industry practitioners with years of experience. At the Gordon Institute, academia and industry meet: our faculty understand, at a deep level, the considerations and problems companies and organizations face.

Tufts Gordon Institute helps you find your calling through degree and non-degree programs and individual course offerings, no matter what stage of your professional journey you find yourself. Our undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship and engineering management build foundational skills and mindsets crucial for creative and independent-minded innovators. Our one-year MS in Innovation and Management program empowers recent college graduates who want to supplement their technical knowledge with practical skills to translate ideas into actions. Our online MS in Engineering Management program is designed for growth-minded professionals who are excited about leading high-powered companies, fostering the business and leadership skills necessary for success. 

Technology has become central to every aspect of our communities, our businesses, and our daily lives. We will be challenged to reimagine how we contribute to society and reassess our purpose in life, as the risks are great if we don’t play an active role in shaping the course of technology development and its application in society.

As you consider your goals and imagine the difference you wish to inspire, society is looking towards you. The process is not bookended by time spent in a program, but rather, it’s made up of the fearlessness to fail, an inclination to try untested solutions, and constant on-the-ground thinking. The future isn’t out of reach; it’s closer than it has ever been before. Whatever your next step may be, we look forward to helping you on your journey.

All the best,

Kevin Oye
Executive Director, Tufts Gordon Institute
Director, MS in Innovation & Management Program
Professor of the Practice