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Alumni Resources

As a member of Tufts Gordon Institute's alumni, you are part of a group of students who've all shared in the experience of expanding your leadership and technical skills within the Tufts environment. Your network includes not only the Tufts Gordon Institute alumni but 110,000+ Tufts alumni throughout the world. Here are just a few ways to keep in touch, network, and take advantage of your alumni status.

Engage: Join us for both fun and informative events throughout the year.

To learn more about upcoming events, check out our Tufts Gordon Institute calendar and the Tufts University calendar.

Connect: Get back in touch with professors, old friends, and our campus.

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Advance: Accelerate your career, as well as the careers of current students & graduates.

Meet with a Tufts advisor.

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Become a mentor for students in our MS in Innovation & Management program. Submit your details here and contact Maura Vogel if you have questions.

Connect Your Colleagues With Tufts Gordon Institute

Do you know someone hoping to make an impact in the world through technology? Students and alumni play an important, appreciated role in Tufts Gordon Institute’s efforts to identify talented new students for our MS in Engineering Management (MSEM), MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML), and MS in Innovation & Management (MSIM) programs. 

It's simple to recommend a colleague or friend; all you have to do is complete the online form

From there, we’ll take care of the rest, and send you a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card (limit up to 5 per calendar year).

Make a difference in your local Tufts Gordon Institute community and beyond.

Partner with us to sponsor industry consulting projects, be a guest speaker, host company visits, and recruit graduates for your company's open roles.

Bring Tufts Gordon Institute to your company! Foster leadership skills, innovative mindsets, and business acumen with our tailored corporate education programs.

Get your voice heard. Join the Alumni Council to help develop an active alumni community, improve student recruitment, and serve as a sounding board for new program development. The Alumni Council meets twice per academic year. Contact Maura Vogel for more details.

Recommend a peer to receive an alumni award.

Take advantage of alumni benefits & services offered to all Tufts University alumni, including career services, continuing education and online resources.