Tech sector professionals working and leading teams

MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML)

Managing Technology, Leading Change

Whether in response to ChatGPT, CRISPR, smarter devices, quantum computing, or advances in biotech, companies and society need leaders who keep pace with the dizzying rate of technological change and successfully lead teams as technology transforms the workplace and wider world.

If you currently work in or aspire to enter the dynamic tech sector, Tufts Gordon Institute's new MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML) is designed for forward-thinking professionals aiming to ascend the ranks of technology-driven industries. If you are seeking a better way than an MBA, the MSTML delivers the business and management skills and mindset needed to take your leadership career to the next level.

This innovative program blends cutting-edge technology education with essential leadership and management training, equipping you with the confidence and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of today’s fast-paced tech landscape. At the heart of our curriculum is a commitment to innovation, strategic thinking, and practical application, ensuring our graduates not only lead but also redefine the future of technology.

Join us at Tufts Gordon Institute, where the leaders of tomorrow are shaped by the challenges and opportunities of today.

Kevin Oye 2024 Headshot

Technology touches all aspects of work and life. However, in order to unlock the potential of that technology to do good for people, tomorrow's leaders need not only a strong technical background but also deep compassion and profound purpose.

Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute

Program Details

Earn your degree in just over a year or spread out the course load and tuition cost over a longer period, studying online or on-campus. For part-time students, the MSTML offers you the opportunity to connect with faculty and fellow students in real-time during virtual Weekly Conversations, as well as the option to attend the Tufts University campus for in-person immersive experiences.

Program Format*DurationCreditsFull-time or Part-timeF-1 Visa EligibleDual Degree OptionsTufts Fifth-year eligibilityOPT & STEM Extension of OPT EligibleCo-Op Eligible
On-CampusOne year30*Full-timeYesYesYes, for qualifying Tufts studentsNoYes
Online2 years (flexible)30*Part-timeNoYesYes, for qualifying Tufts studentsN/ANo

*Effective Fall 2024

Who should apply?

The MSTML program is the right fit for you if:

  • You are currently or aspire to be a leader in the evolving field of technology
  • You work in or aspire to work in fields such as product management, data science, business analytics, computer science, and many more
  • You wish to develop the skills, mindset, and confidence to advance your career in the tech sector
  • You are interested in networking with a worldwide community of alumni
  • You value the opportunity to learn from the real-world experience of industry-expert faculty
  • You are seeking an innovative master's degree with a technology focus from an institute with over 30 years experience educating tomorrow's leaders
  • You have one or more years of work or internship experience
  • You have an undergraduate degree in any discipline

If this sounds like you, connect with us to learn more about how the MSTML program can help advance your career today.

Online | On-Campus

The Tufts MSTML offers different ways for you to earn your degree to best fit your needs:

Do you want to engage in best-in-class online learning, studying part-time from anywhere in the world as you learn on your own schedule?

As a working professional who wants to study part-time and online, you can dive into our fully online core curriculum and robust lineup of online elective courses, studying in a way that fits into your busy lifestyle. If you want more from your online experience, then you have the opportunity to attend one of our regular, optional in-person Immersive Experiences where you can connect further with your peers, faculty, and alumni. The MSTML is enrolling online students for the spring and fall semesters.

Do you want to study full-time and on-campus in an F-1 visa eligible program, earning your degree in just over one year?

As a full-time on-campus student, join a diverse cohort of students in an intensive technology leadership program in Boston, an international hub for education, innovation, and technology. Study in our F-1 visa eligible program while maintaining the flexibility to take some of your courses online or attend some of our optional in-person Immersive Experiences. The MSTML is enrolling full-time, on-campus students for the fall semester.

Hear testimonials from Tufts Gordon Institute students

The MS in Technology Management & Leadership is a new program, so hear the voices and testimonials from students across other comparable programs offered by Tufts Gordon Institute to give you an idea of the experience and the impact of studying in this program.

Jillian Comeau, MSEM '23
Kenneth Vieira, MSEM '24
Kelly Hassett, MSEM '26

Build Upon Your Education

At Tufts Gordon Institute, you have the opportunity to expand your graduate experience with options to continue your Tufts education through the Tufts 5th Year Master's Program, to earn two degrees in our Dual Degree Program, or enhance your education with work experience through Co-Op opportunities.

  • Earn your MS degree in as little as 9 months or at your own pace! All Tufts Gordon Institute graduate programs are eligible options for the School of Engineering's Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program (BS/MS).

    The School of Engineering offers exceptional Tufts undergraduate students the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree (BS/MS) as a thesis or non-thesis program. Students may enroll full-time or part-time while participating in the master’s degree portion of the Fifth-Year Master's Degree Program, but must enroll immediately after completion of their BS degree. No deferrals are available for this program.

  • Develop your innovation, leadership and management skills and build your technical depth with our Dual Degree master's program. You’ll earn two degrees - an MS offered by Tufts Gordon Institute and an MS offered by one of the six academic departments within the School of Engineering. And, you earn both degrees in an accelerated timeframe and at a reduced cost.

    Tufts School of Engineering offers a wide range of MS programs from its six different academic departments that qualify for the Dual Degree master’s program. Some of the most popular Dual Degree programs include:

    • Data Science
    • Computer Science
    • Human Factors Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Bioengineering
    • Software Systems Development
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
  • Gain up to six months of full-time work experience, build your resume, and develop a competitive advantage for post- graduation employment through the School of Engineering’s Graduate Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program. The Co-Op program provides students the opportunity to explore career paths, make valuable industry connections, broaden their perspectives, and acquire the skills needed to succeed outside of the classroom. The co-op is open to students in all of Tufts Gordon Institute’s graduate programs. Check out our article to learn 10 reasons why you should pursue a co-op experience at Tufts Gordon Institute.

Prefer to ease into a master's degree program?

Tufts University's Courses at Tufts program offers students the ability to gain new skills & knowledge right when they want it. Many of our short 7-week courses from the MSTML program are available without enrolling in the full degree program. If you do decide to later apply to the master's program, you are eligible to transfer up to two courses to fulfill the requirements for the degree.

Chat with our admissions team.

We understand that choosing the right master's program for you can be a challenge. To make the process easier for you, our team is always available to answer any questions you might have about the curriculum, student experience, application, and more. We welcome you to contact our admissions team at +1 617-627-6073 or to start the conversation.

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