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Sponsor an Industry Consulting Project

MSEM Consulting Team Practicum Projects Offer Real Results.

The MS in Engineering Management (MSEM) Industry Consulting Project - Team Practicum brings the knowledge and insights of a cross-disciplinary team of experienced technology professionals to a challenge or problem you’ve identified in your company. The 12-week project allows students to demonstrate technical leadership skills while adding significant value to client organizations.

Corporate clients such as Boston Engineering, EMC, EInk, Genscape, iRobot, Keystone Dental, Schlumberger, and Shire have all sponsored industry consulting projects. Our clients gain timely results at no cost, including a detailed report with actionable insights and recommendations.

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Be a Guest Speaker

Would you like to share insights on your area of expertise, company or career? Be a guest speaker in our weekly MS in Innovation & Management Innovator’s Mindset Seminar Series and pass along your wisdom to students who are eager to learn from your experience.

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Host a Company Visit

Would you like to host our students at your company? We organize visits to a diverse set of innovative local companies for our MS in Innovation & Management students to introduce them to industry leaders and learn outside of the classroom.

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Recruit Graduates

Are you looking for interns or new hires who possess technical expertise as well as strong management and leadership ability? Tap into the talented pool of MS in Innovation & Management students who are looking for opportunities to launch their careers.

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