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Leadership starts with seizing the right opportunities.

You don’t want a job. You want a calling.

Take your career to the next level with Tufts Gordon Institute's programs for emerging technology leaders. Whether you are applying to the MS in Engineering Management, MS in Innovation & Management, or individual graduate-level courses offered via University College, our admissions team is here to assist you through the application process. 

To start the conversation, we welcome you to call Ethan Robles, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 617-627-2004 or email the team directly.

There's still time to apply for Fall 2021.

Apply to August 1st to be a part of our On-Campus and Online MSEM communities.

Want to Learn More?

Connect With Us

Provide us your contact information so we can mail you information about our M.S. in Engineering Management, M.S. in Innovation Management and/or Professional Education programs, as well as reminders about various admissions events and deadlines.

Observe a Class

We invite you to experience the Tufts Gordon Institute environment first-hand by visiting a class. M.S. in Engineering Management classes are held every evening from 6-9 pm and Friday and Saturday from 9am-4pm. You are welcome to observe the class for an hour or for the entire day. M.S. in Innovation class schedules vary each semester but are typically held during the day. To schedule a visit for either program, email us.

Connect with an Alumnus from your Company or Industry

Our extensive alumni community works in a variety of industries and companies. Email us and let us know where you currently work and/or your industry of interest and we’ll send you alumni contact information.

Attend an Admissions Event

We host on-site information sessions, online webinars, and 1-1 admissions chats throughout the year. We encourage you to join one of these events to get a better feel for what makes Tufts Gordon Institute’s programs so unique and impactful. Register online today.

Dine with a Student

Current students are available to sit down for an informal meal with you at Tufts Gordon Institute, sharing an insider perspective on our M.S. in Engineering Management and Professional Education programs. Come for dinner any weeknight between 5-6 pm or lunch on Friday/Saturday from 12pm -1pm, then couple the meal with a class visit to get the full student experience. Interested? Email us with the date and time you’d like to come and we will coordinate your visit.

Reapplication & Deferral Policies

Application materials will be kept for one year by the Tufts University Graduate Admissions Office. You can reactivate your application within that time by submitting a new application form and fee online. Reapplication must occur by the deadline dates provided for new applications. We encourage you to update your application with new materials when appropriate.  If you have changed jobs since applying, it is beneficial for the admissions committee to receive an additional new letter of recommendation. If you are admitted to our programs, but unable to enroll, you may be able to defer enrollment for a maximum of one year. Students admitted to the Dual Master's Degree MSIM + MS in Engineering program are not eligible for deferral. Please reach out to our admissions team with your deferral request.