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Engineering Management Minor

Gain real life experience. Get a competitive edge.

Develop leadership & business skills in a course of study taught by industry professionals.

The Engineering Management Minor is a leadership-focused program that emphasizes real-life experience and engineering practice, not just theory, equipping you with a competitive edge in the workplace. All students from Tufts University's School of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering are welcome to complete the minor. To earn the minor, students will complete 4 required courses + 1 elective, all taken for a grade.

The Engineering Management minor rounds out my resume and shows that I care about other skills, especially project management. We're at a place in the world where you can't just stay in your own field and thrive & grow in your career or as a person. Tufts has really given me a headstart and I will be better prepared throughout my career.

Required Courses

This course will cover:

  • Organization of companies and engineering groups.
  • Financial fluency, including time value of money, return on investment, income, and cash flow statements, and balance sheets.  
  • Management of people and organizations.
  • Project and program management techniques and tools.
  • Management of research, development, and design.
  • Operations management, including manufacturing operations and supply chains.

This course will cover:

  • Written and oral communications in the business setting.
  • Written communications including technical reports and papers, memoranda, and electronic communications.
  • Design and delivery of effective presentations.  
  • Informal communication styles and techniques.
  • Communication across cultures.

This course will cover:

  • Development of knowledge, skills, and mindset essential for leading programs and teams in a business organization.  
  • Creating high-performance teams and shared visions
  • Cultural differences in leadership style 
  • Ethical considerations
  • Fostering creativity and communicating to inspire
  • Influencing without authority
  • Managing conflict and organizational change 
  • Understanding personalities of self & others and emotional intelligence

This course will cover:

  • Knowledge and skill development for students who aspire to lead and manage innovation initiatives in technology-based companies.
  • Technology strategy and its role in the overall business strategy of commercial firms.
  • Role of innovation in entrepreneurial ventures and established firms.
  • Skills to present new product development proposals to senior management and/or prospective investors.

Note: Students who have previously taken ELS 101 may be eligible to leverage this course as a substitution for EM 153.

There are a ton of skills I will take away from the Engineering Management minor. EM 52 really taught me to write. I was a good writer coming in but I was a great writer leaving it, writing really cleanly and to the point. That's something not a lot of engineers can do, so when you can, it really stands out. 

Students must declare the minor with the Registrar’s office. Please visit the Major and Minor Declaration page to learn more about this process. You can complete this process at any point during your experience with the EMM Minor.

After declaring the minor with Student Services and completing all required courses, students must also complete the Engineering Management Minor Certification Form below. Once the form is approved, we will return a signed copy to the student's email address. Students will then bring the signed form to Student Services before their graduation period's deadline.

If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Tufts Gordon Institute's Administrative team.


Engineering Management Minor Certification Form

Four required courses and one elective are required for the minor.

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