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Getting to Know the MSIM Class of 2020's 1st Innovation Sprints

From hemp-based biodegradable packaging to adaptive learning through neuro-sensing wearable tech and more!
The inBloom team: Eric Osherow, Sai Wang, Earn Khunpinit, and Chandini Tadepalli

The M.S. in Innovation & Management program's curriculum is built around semester-long Innovation Sprints, where student teams try out new ideas and ultimately develop a cutting-edge product or service - and to say each semester feels like a true sprint to the finish line is an understatement! After a whirlwind first semester, the current MSIM cohort recently showcased their final presentations to a panel of industry-expert judges and guests.

MSIM Students from the Class of 2020

Meet the Innovation Sprints

Abridge Tutoring

Using a business model similar to that of TOMS shoes, Abridge Tutoring plans to provide low-cost tutoring sessions for in-need students on a one-to-one basis as premium tutoring sessions are purchased by other families.

Team Members: Nirant Chilimbi, Danielle Franco, Pinar Seven, Ashton Stephens


Based on a belief that cooking together creates an environment that allows for connection & compassion, Casera is a non-profit organization that hosts cooking classes and interactive experiences as a way to share cultures across the globe.

Team Members: Lynn Dannan, Deepesh Moolchandani, Lee Ann Song, Will Vinke


Built upon research from within Tufts School of Engineering, Cellens is developing a noninvasive bladder cancer screening test that is designed to be more accurate, more convenient, and more affordable than existing cell-screening processes.

Team Members: Srushti Acharekar, Jean Pham, Jonas Pirkl, Fiona Wang


Using a high-tech, neuro-sensing headband developed at Tufts University, hivy is revolutionizing the test-prep industry by providing an adaptive learning experience based on students' own brain activity and bio-feedback.

Team Members: Haiting Chan, Ishmal Siddiqui, Vidhya Sivakumar, Yunting Yan


Tapping into the booming cannabis industry, Imvelo is developing innovative, high-quality hemp-based packaging that is completely biodegradable for a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to an industry that currently generates extreme volumes of plastic waste.

Team Members: Alok Chand, George Ginis, Nikhil Patil, Priyanka Ram, Mianqiao Wang


Striving to fill a gap in the fragmented nail salon industry, inBloom plans to develop their own organic nail polish products as well as build a chain of high-quality, standardized salons that elevates affordable manicure experiences across Texas.

Team Members: Earn Khunpinit, Eric Osherow, Chandini Tadepalli, Sai Wang


Threadletics, a B2B company targeting university coaches and their teams of athletes, is developing a wearable smart thread-based device to prevent sports-related injuries through the real-time measurement of lactate levels.

Team Members: Rene Han, Christina Holman, Ashish Kumar, Puneet Tripathi