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Student & Alumni Referral Program

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Leadership.

Do you know someone hoping to make an impact in the world through technology? Students and alumni from our MSEM and MSIM communities play an important role in our efforts to identify talented new students for our graduate programs.

It's simple to recommend a colleague or friend; all you have to do is complete the online form below. Then, we will send you a $20 Gift Card (limit 5 per calendar year). If the person you referred goes to enroll, we will also recognize your support by sending you your choice of the following:

  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Asus Portable Monitor
  • Blue Microphone & Logitech Webcam Set
  • Garmin GPS Smartwatch
  • Oculus Quest 2 VR System

Terms & Conditions

The Student & Alumni Referral Program is only open to those affiliated with the MS in Engineering Management and MS in Innovation & Management programs. Tufts employees are not eligible to receive referral gifts. However, employees of Tufts University and individuals who have already received an enrollment appreciation gift in a calendar year will be rewarded with a special Gordon Institute branded item. For details, contact Tufts Gordon Institute. Students and alumni are limited to receiving one (1) major award per year.