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MS in Innovation & Management

Welcome to the fast track for innovators.

Prepare to drive the future of innovation.

The MS in Innovation & Management from Tufts University's Gordon Institute is a full-time, accelerated program designed for people who want to make things happen. Who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, or math.  Who believe new solutions will solve our toughest challenges – and make this a better world.

If you are a recent STEM graduate who wants to accelerate your career and be at the forefront of developing new ideas, the MSIM program will provide you with the product innovation, marketing, finance and leadership skills you need to be a new leader in today’s technology-driven world. 

Whether you aspire to work in new product development, technology strategy, business or data analytics, product management, or even launch your own venture, the MSIM program prepares you to shape the world through innovationAll in as little as one year.

Build technical expertise in addition to becoming business-savvy.

The MS in Innovation & Management program was designed to offer you the flexibility to deepen your technical expertise in a specific area of study in addition to gaining the innovator's skillset and mindset. Students can choose to complete a certificate from Tufts School of Engineering at the same time as their MSIM degree or even enroll in our accelerated Dual Degree program to earn two master's degrees in just two years. Choose from in-demand disciplines like Biomedical Engineering, Data Science, and more.

Developing transformative leaders with heart.

Why choose MSIM?

Transform your life, and your career, in as little as one year.

The MSIM program is made up of two semesters of coursework, followed by a summer where you can gain industry experience through an internship, a full-time job, or continue developing an Innovation Sprint into a venture. The program also offers flexibility if you'd like to extend your MSIM experience for an additional fall semester.

Develop the innovator's skillset - and mindset.

Get hands-on through immersive, semester-long Innovation Sprints to solve real-world problems and learn key skillsets like customer discovery, ideating solutions, developing scalable business models, and leadership. Then, use your summer to build real-world experience and forge industry connections by participating in an internship or capstone project. Plus, your experience in all three Innovation Sprints will add tangible evidence to your resume, demonstrating your newfound skills.

Engage with exceptional faculty with deep industry experience as you prepare to kick-start your career.

Learn from distinguished faculty mentors and expand your network in the innovation hub of Boston. Prepare for your future and learn to market yourself, all within our year-long Career Development Program.

Can't join one of our live virtual info sessions?

Check out this short video to learn all about MSIM on your own schedule. Discover program benefits and hear alumni share their insights into the experience, skills they've learned, and even how Tufts has accelerated their careers.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Discover what drives you.

Your MSIM experience isn’t just about a diploma. It's building a foundation where you'll learn new skills, forge connections, and launch your career. As an innovator, you know that what you do now can transform the future. Discover the passion that will inspire your spirit.

We’ve designed the MSIM curriculum to cultivate key competencies that are vital for innovators to possess, whether launching their own venture or bringing creative ideas to an existing company.

In addition to hard skills like data science, finance, new product development, and strategy, you’ll discover the innovator’s mindset. In today’s challenging world, we need people who have curiosity, the ability to embrace complexity, the creativity to come up with new solutions, and the confidence to trust their own insights – all while maintaining compassion because they believe this can be a better world.

Develop the unique abilities every successful innovator needs.

Through the courses and projects completed in the MSIM program, you'll develop in-demand knowledge and skills. From product innovation to marketing and financial modeling, you'll complete the MSIM program prepared to seize opportunities and make an impact in your career.

Skill Set #1: Discover your customers' unmet needs

  • Identify the target customer
  • Build deep insight into your customers through ethnographic research
  • Uncover the problems you will solve

Skill Set #2: Ideate, create and communicate compelling solutions customers will demand

  • Aim bigger with new, not incremental, solutions through design thinking
  • Prototype, build, and deliver your product or service
  • Craft your market positioning, value proposition, and strategy

Skill Set #3: Design a sustainable business model

  • Build a customer-centric and scalable business model
  • Design new ways to deliver value
  • Develop an attractive, investable financial plan

Skill Set #4: Lead and influence others

  • Effectively negotiate, resolve conflicts, and unite diverse cross-functional teams
  • Develop your own authentic, signature voice
  • Persuade customers, employees, and investors

We produce innovation leaders who can identify worthy challenges and create radical solutions, whether they are for green field startups or existing large-scale enterprises.

Kevin Oye's headshot

Learn by doing in a powerful, practical curriculum.

Time to run with your ideas.

Each semester, you’ll work on a fast-paced, immersive team venture called an Innovation Sprint, where you'll identify key problems, prototype solutions, and synthesize business and financial models that scale. The real magic happens outside the classroom: Engaging with customers and testing solutions to real-world problems.

With each of your three Innovation Sprints, you’ll go through the entire innovation cycle from ideation to rapid prototyping.

Get hands-on by getting your MSIM.

You don’t need a lecture on the basics. That's why the MSIM program supplements big projects with small, interactive courses. It’s the active, collaborative, and passionate environment you want. These courses are interactive, in-depth, and taught exclusively by Tufts professors with decades of experience running innovative companies and social ventures.

In addition to the MSIM core courses, you'll participate in a series of custom seminars. Network with industry professionals. Plan your career and build your personal brand. Continue to develop your personal values. You'll even explore your creative side with workshops featuring faculty and professionals from fields such as art, drama, and music. 

After one year of working, I knew I needed more business skills to create value at the intersection of innovation and technology. The Sprint aspect of this program stood out to me because I had the option of taking something from conceptualization all the way to commercialization.

Srushti Acharekar, MSIM '20

You don’t want a job. You want a calling.

And, you want a return on your investment.

Career planning is built right into the MSIM experience.

  • Build your resume with real-world innovation projects and internship opportunities.
  • Prepare for your career. Throughout the year, you'll participate in our Career Development Program and Innovator's Mindset Seminars that teach you how to market yourself, develop your professional plan, network, and interview so you're ready for the job market.
  • Gain mentorship from well-connected faculty, an industry mentor paired specifically with you, and a close-knit cohort of peers who serve as valuable advisors for the rest of your career.
  • Access to the Tufts University network: one of the most influential alumni communities in the world, with a large concentration of leaders in technology industries & access to thousands of jobs through the Tufts Career Center.

Innovation & Management News

Commencement Spotlight: Ben Webb, EG21, EG22

"The MSIM program prepared me to bring new perspectives to my engineering classes, along with a bit more experience working with different types of design processes," says Ben Webb.

Boston, MA: A global center of innovation

One of the nation’s leading cities for technology and entrepreneurship

By joining the MSIM community here at Tufts, you’ll also get to experience innovation like never before. Steps away from Boston, you will be right in the action with high-powered, global companies, innumerable startups, billions of dollars of venture capital investments, and a vibrant educational and cultural ecosystem.

Boston and the surrounding areas are home to countless inspiring things, like:

  • Offices for tech giants and venture capitalists

  • The U.S.’s first officially designated Innovation District

  • World-class museums and culture

With youthful energy, dynamic start-up culture, and high-powered corporate landscape, Boston can inspire your journey.

There’s so much entrepreneurial activity happening here. Being able to go to meetups and conferences where people are trying to do new things, and take advantage of all the knowledge that happens in the Boston area is amazing.

Alex Christenson

Chat with our admissions team to get your questions answered.

We understand that choosing the right master's program for you can be a challenge. To make the process easier for you, our team is always available to answer any questions you might have about the curriculum, student experience, application, and more. We welcome you to call Ethan Robles, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 617-627-2004 to start the conversation.

Current MSIM tuition (2021-22): $50,910, divided into $25,455 per semester and covers courses taken in the summer

Deadlines to apply for Fall 2022: 

  • Round 1: January 15, 2022
  • Round 2: March 15, 2022
  • Rolling Admissions: After March 15th, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through August 1, 2022

Application requirements include your academic records, résumé, letters of recommendation, personal statement, application fee, and language proficiency test scores (if applicable). GRE/GMAT requirements have been waived for Fall 2022.

Visit our Admissions pages to view more details.