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MSIM + Graduate Certificate

Earn a specialized graduate certificate from Tufts School of Engineering at the same time as your MSIM.

Develop your innovation, leadership, and management skills while building your technical depth in our new MSIM+ program. Through this program, you'll have the same transformative MS in Innovation & Management experience while also earning a technical certificate - with no additional time or tuition required. 

Choose from in-demand disciplines like Civil & Environmental Engineering, Data Science, Mechanical Engineering and more from Tufts University's prestigious School of Engineering.

MSIM+ Advantages:

Fast time to completion: Complete your graduate experience in as little as one year. Many students complete both the MSIM degree and their graduate certificate within 12 months, however, you have the opportunity to extend your Tufts experience into a second fall semester if you'd like to slow the pace of your technical courses.

Reduced course load: To leverage the MSIM+ option, you may waive select requirements from the MSIM core curriculum. By waiving these requirements, you can instead complete the courses required for your certificate.

Streamlined admissions: You can choose to complete the MSIM+ program once you're already at Tufts. Simply apply to the MS in Innovation & Management program via our standard application and decide to pursue MSIM+ later.

The MSIM+ Curriculum:

Get ready to run… with your ideas. Kick-off your experience in the fall semester, fully immersed in the MSIM program. Work with a team to develop a meaningful new product or service idea. Let your passion drive your work. In the spring semester, dive deeper into the innovation process and begin the courses for your certificate.

Fall Semester

EM221 - New Product Innovation

EM242 - Marketing: Branding & Digital Communications

EM255 - Finance for High-Tech Ventures

EM263 - Leading for Impact

EM292 - Career Impact & Unbounded Perspectives

Innovator's Mindset Seminars

Spring Semester

EM253 - Technology & Innovation Strategy

4 Certificate Courses

Innovator's Mindset Seminars

Summer Semester

The most real-world experience yet. Choose from a variety of hands-on industry experiences to build your resume and apply your learned skills, all within the Capstone Innovation & Leadership Project. 

EM 281 - Capstone Innovation & Leadership Project

Project Options include:

  • Intern/Job: Take on an internship or a permanent role anywhere across the globe. 
  • Entrepreneur: Continue developing your Innovation Sprint venture.