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The Tufts MS in Engineering Management degree positions you for long-term career success and provides you with access to both a rapidly growing network of engineering professionals and the Tufts University global alumni community. Our alumni drive innovation and lead change within their organizations, and share the lessons they learned along the way with our community.

Just take a look at where some of our alumni are now, across a variety of industries and job functions.

Jillian Comeau, MSEM '23 • Lab Engineering Supervisor, Seres Therapeutics

Background: B.S. in Biology/Biotechnology

Undergraduate: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Jillian Comeau, MSEM '23

The greatest skill I learned during my time in the MSEM program was that of empathy. In reality, leadership is 90% being able to connect with people. If you can engage with people in a meaningful way, really understand their perspectives and the way they look at the world, you can build trust and influence that elevates not only your ability to lead, but also the ability of others to collaborate and be effective. Changing my mindset about leadership has really helped me accelerate my career.

Jillian Comeau, MSEM '23

Anthony Owusu, MSEM '21 • Senior Manager, Medical Quality Systems, WHOOP

Background: B.S. in Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate: University of California Irvine

Anthony Owusu, MSEM '21

The Tufts MSEM curriculum is newer, more current, and more relevant to my work. The biggest highlight was being able to take courses I actually cared about, and I got value out of every single one of them.

Anthony Owusu, MSEM '21

Brian Hickey, MSEM '19 • Chief Engineer Staff, Raytheon Technologies

Background: B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Brian Hickey, MSEM '19

In order to come up with products that work in the world, in order to be successful, a lot of companies these days are in high-tech industries. That’s where you see a lot of disruption occurring and so, the intersection of business and technical acumen was something that stood out to me early on [about the MSEM program].

Brian Hickey, MSIM '19

Paetrice Jones, MSEM '16 • Associate Director, Genomics Medicine Unit, Cell Culture Process Development, Sanofi

Background: B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate: Howard University

Paetrice Jones, MSEM '16

For me, this program helped me to become a stronger technical leader. It gave me the opportunity to build leadership skills alongside other experienced technical folks. Being able to hone these skills in a low stakes environment made applying them in the workplace easier. I've had several promotions during and since the program; MSEM has had a very positive impact on my career.

Paetrice Jones, MSEM '16

Ryan Jacob, MSEM '23 • Senior Mechanical Engineer - Proposal Lead, Raytheon

Background: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate: University of Oklahoma

Ryan Jacob, MSEM '23

The biggest highlight from my time in the MSEM program was the mentorship I received from faculty. Even virtually, I was able to connect and talk with professors for advice on coursework but also on my career.

Ryan Jacob, MSEM '23