Idicula Mathew recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30

Idicula Mathew, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 2024

Idicula Mathew was recognized in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work as CEO & Co-founder of Hera Health Solutions.

Idicula Mathew, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts (DEC), was recently recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2024 for his work as CEO & Co-founder of Hera Health Solutions. Hera Health Solutions is a biotechnology company enabling pharmaceutical companies to rapidly increase the efficacy of existing therapeutics through its nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery platform. The technology behind Hera Health Solutions is based on Idicula’s own undergraduate research at Georgia Tech.

Reflecting on the recognition, Idicula shared, “It is incredibly humbling and serves as a testament to the dedication of the entire Hera Health Solutions team. It's an honor to be acknowledged by Forbes alongside many other exceptional individuals in the industry. This acknowledgement inspires us to keep going to push innovation further to drive positive change in the industry.”

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Idicula also shares the many lessons he’s learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey with aspiring entrepreneurs at Tufts University. EIR’s are an invaluable resource to Tufts students, providing 1-on-1 coaching, hosting workshops, and speaking in entrepreneurship and innovation courses.

We asked Idicula to share the mission behind Hera Health Solutions, as well as his reflections on his entrepreneurial journey in light of his recent recognition:

What impact does Hera Health Solutions hope to have on the world?

“At Hera Health Solutions, our goal is to transform healthcare by developing accessible and impactful therapeutics in pharmaceutical drug delivery. We aspire for our technology to ultimately make a meaningful difference in patients' lives by providing innovative, long-lasting treatments that address today’s unmet medical needs globally. And here’s my shameless ask to reach out to us if you are a pharmaceutical company that thinks you can reanalyze the delivery mechanism for any of your drug candidates.”

What's the most important lesson you've learned on your journey as an entrepreneur?

“Reflecting on the fact that Hera Health Solutions started out as a mere research project, a vital lesson I’ve learned is the balance between being ‘coachable and resilient.’ It’s important to get comfortable with being rejected while embracing feedback, learning from setbacks, and allowing yourself to fail fast and pivot. I'm immensely grateful for the guidance of our early phenomenal entrepreneurial mentors who highlighted the distinct roadblocks to consider: from technology research to commercialization.”

In your role as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at DEC, how do you try to empower aspiring entrepreneurs at Tufts?

“Firstly, having the opportunity to be an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at DEC has been so personally rewarding. I love the opportunity to engage with aspiring entrepreneurs at Tufts. In our coaching sessions, I often find myself gaining valuable insights into industry trends and fresh perspectives that broaden my understanding about new technologies and new customer viewpoints.

As an engineer myself, I resonate with the inclination many students have to dive directly into creating solutions, but this approach is usually not the most ideal. As an EIR, I often try to emphasize the importance of developing a deep understanding of the problems you’re aiming to solve first. I'm enthusiastic about continuing to share my experiences and lessons while also learning from the students to cultivate an environment that supports collaborative entrepreneurial success.”

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