MSIM Students Band Together to Create Music & Connections

After performing a concerto on Raspberry Pi instruments, students showcased their personal artistic talents.

To begin the spring semester harmoniously, M.S. in Innovation & Management students received a musical mission from Kevin Oye, Tufts Gordon Institute's Executive Director & Director of the MSIM program. Broken into seven small teams, this year's cohort of students were challenged to compose and perform a fully autonomous concerto played on Raspberry Pi instruments. 

Each team created a unique instrument purely synthesized with Sonic-Pi and received extra points if their production incorporated mechanical action alongside lighting, included creative team costumes, or featured physical elements fabricated in NoLop (a new, innovative makerspace located in Tufts University's Science & Engineering Complex downstairs from the MSIM Studio). While each instrument performed a 10-second solo, they all came together to play a 3-minute theme song as a cohort.

Ashton Stephens works on Raspberry Pi

In addition to making music and having fun bonding together, students achieved the workshop's objectives of experiencing rapid prototyping and Agile development principles. After wrapping up the concerto, students transitioned into a "coffeehouse" event spearheaded by Lee Ann Song.

They continued to share their artistic talents in a fun and intimate setting, including original poetry readings and musical performances on instruments ranging from electronic drums & keyboard to cello & ukelele! Some students even brought in craft projects to showcase, featuring mediums like glass, knitting, and paint. "It was heartwarming - a great way to stretch minds and build connectedness," shared Kevin.

MSIM Students do craft projects

While the Raspberry Pi bot's musical career and future are unclear, the togetherness of the evening's events will surely set the MSIM students off to an in-tune start to the semester!