Third Innovation Sprint Builds Momentum for MSIM Students

The 2021 MS in Innovation and Management cohort reached new heights in their third and final Innovation Sprint that concluded this month; their impact was felt locally and across the world.

As the sun sets on the final weeks of summer, MS in Innovation and Management students continue to shine light on the world’s toughest challenges – creating solutions, uncovering new ways of thinking, and challenging the status quo.

Following a year like no other, the 2021 MSIM cohort came together in person and virtually this month to mark the culmination of their third Innovation Sprint (fast-paced simulations of launching a venture from conceptualization to commercialization).

For their final Innovation Sprint, students could choose to continue working on an existing venture, gain experience through a job/internship, or start with a new idea altogether. Here’s the latest:


Microphone is placed on green stool for Zoom attendees to hear the discussion in the room.
MS in Innovation & Management students gathered in person and virtually, over Zoom, to share updates on their third Innovation Sprint.


Several students landed full-time roles and internships this summer, bringing their innovative skillset to organizations in the Greater Boston Area as well as all the way to Korea and beyond. 

The list of companies this year included IBM, Lendbuzz, Millipore Sigma, Mobius Mobility, SkillSpire, Red Hat, Rocket Insights, TG Gallagher, and more.

As part of the MSIM program, students couple hands-on, experiential learning with the fundamentals of business such as accounting and finance. For Noor Semaan, who took on a full-time role, she says those skills have been directly applicable in the field.

“All of the classes we’ve taken have played a role in what I do,” said Noor. “I work with a lot of pro forma models … and having that knowledge and experience working with Excel, modeling pro forma, and using Python in the past has helped me.”

Some ventures like Cerobex and Resano Recovery built on their progress from previous semesters by networking with industry experts and mentors while defining the next steps to make their concepts a reality. The Viva La Motion team explored a new venture with medical-grade silk adhesives.

With the MSIM program’s flexibility, students could also build their technical depth and participate in research opportunities across Tufts University.


MSIM student Nawar AlQabandi asks a question about their third Innovation Sprint.
Nawar AlQabandi engages in discussion with classmates. As part of the final Sprint Updates, MSIM students shared thoughts with each other on how to continue their momentum.


Reflecting on his summer, Grant Tilson said, “What I’ve learned the most is to have fun, be yourself, and that change is always really good.” He continued, “Networking is really important. Think of what you want to do specifically and make your own path into that field.”


Grant Tilson delivers his summer sprint update.
Grant Tilson says one of his objectives was to combine as many of his interests as possible this summer, which include: art, technology, design, hospitality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.


While the end of August marks the end of the third Sprint, the innovation journey continues for these newly minted graduates. Students pursuing the MSIM Dual Degree program will continue this fall in one of over a dozen MS in Engineering programs across six departments in Tufts University’s School of Engineering.