Master of Science in Technology Management & Leadership

Tufts Gordon Institute Launches New MS in Technology Management and Leadership

The MS in Technology Management & Leadership degree empowers students to build upon their technical expertise and become leaders and managers in a tech-driven world.

Whether in response to ChatGPT, CRISPR, smarter devices, quantum computing, or advances in biotech, companies and society need leaders who keep pace with the dizzying rate of technological change and successfully lead teams through that change. Accepting its first cohort of students in the Spring 2024 semester, Tufts Gordon Institute’s new MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML) helps students build the mindset and skillset to be a leader and manager in a tech-driven world.

The new MSTML opens up Tufts Gordon Institute’s lessons in leadership, innovation, management, and entrepreneurship to a wide variety of job functions and industries. Working professionals in any role within the tech sector–from product managers to human resources professionals to data analysts and more–can take their leadership career to the next level with the MSTML.

Reflecting on the new degree, Academic Director of the MS in Engineering Management and the new MS in Technology Management & Leadership, Sam Liggero said, “Increasingly, technology is driving organizations and the world as a whole. What the world needs most in today's society is technical leadership--those who can leverage technology and guide others working with technology to make a positive impact on the world. At Tufts, we connect students who want to become transformative tech leaders with faculty who have the experience and vision to help them achieve that goal.”

The MSTML offers new ways for students to earn their degree, with specialized curriculum pathways that tap into and build upon students’ deep technical expertise. Students develop a foundational mindset and skillset in leadership and innovation with the opportunity to customize their curriculum through specialized pathways. Students can pursue pathways in product management, business analytics, computer or data science, or develop their own flexible pathway consisting of courses from across Tufts University. These new pathways combine flexibility with the opportunity for students to build an individualized program that meets their aspirations for a career within the tech sector. Whatever a student's job function or industry, the MSTML allows them to discover their own pathway toward tech leadership.

“Technology touches all aspects of work and life,” shared Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute. “However, in order to unlock the potential of that technology to do good for people, tomorrow's leaders need not only a strong technical background but also deep compassion and profound purpose. The MS in Technology Management & Leadership will help our students bridge their unique technical expertise with the principles of transformative leadership that are central to the mission of Tufts Gordon Institute.”

For more information about the new MS in Technology Management & Leadership, please visit the program webpage.