A discussion on profound purpose with Kevin Oye and Jane Seminara

What Profound Purpose Means at Tufts Gordon Institute

Sit down with Tufts Gordon Institute's Kevin Oye and Jane Seminara as they discuss what profound purpose means to them and the integral role it plays in the Tufts Gordon Institute mission.

At Tufts Gordon Institute, our mission is to build a worldwide community of transformative leaders with heart. We help the leaders of tomorrow to harness technology to shape the world with profound purpose. But what does profound purpose mean? We sat down with Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute, and Jane Seminara, Senior Lecturer at Tufts Gordon Institute, to explore that very question.

Speaking to the question of how to live with purpose, Kevin Oye said, "If we encourage our students to listen without judgment, debate passionately and fairly, and hold strong yet compassionate positions, while maintaining the humility to continually learn, then they will lead profoundly purposeful lives."

Watch Kevin and Jane's full discussion below:

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