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Programs for Companies

Tufts Gordon Institute provides tailored corporate education programs grounded in our proven expertise in fostering leadership skills, an innovation mindset, and business acumen among technical professionals.

Fostering Innovation and Leadership in Your Organization.

Our cross-disciplinary, experiential approach has proven effective in preparing professionals to meet the challenges facing their organizations. Our faculty can shape a dynamic learning experience that addresses the specific goals of your organization. By working in close consultation with your organization, we assess and adapt an educational program to meet your needs. We can offer courses in whatever format meets the needs of your busy professionals, whether on-campus, on-site, or an online hybrid. Every faculty member provides your team with real-world industry or research experience.

Corporate development programs can be offered to meet a range of organizational needs, including Innovation Management, Project Management, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution.

Tufts Gordon Institute also offers non-credit workshops, short courses, and personal coaching through the Tufts Transformative Leadership Community. Tufts TLC is a collaborative environment of experts, peers, and relevant learning opportunities to quickly and effectively get just-in-time skills and knowledge to solve your emerging challenges. We're developing professional education in a new way — one that meets you wherever you are in your career with thought-provoking experiences. This platform is a powerful approach that goes beyond one-time offerings. It all comes together synergistically.