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Foundations for Future Leadership Minor

Gain the skills and mindset to lead society through the challenges of tomorrow.

The world is changing quickly.

The best solutions to our toughest challenges lie in new and novel approaches. At the same time, a just and innovative society demands a new kind of leader. 

Tufts Gordon Institute’s new Foundations for Future Leadership Minor aims to provide graduates with the skills and mindset to lead society through the challenges of tomorrow. This new minor delivers the relevant, foundational, personal, and professional competencies that students need to be impactful members of society as they launch their careers.


Earning the Minor: 3 Core Courses + 1 Elective

To receive this minor, students need to complete three half-semester core courses (2 credits each) and one elective course from Tufts Gordon Institute’s portfolio of 100-level courses. The total credits required for completion of this minor is a minimum of 8 credits. This minor is open to students in the School of Engineering (SOE).

Students in the School of Arts & Sciences (A&S) may take courses offered as part of the Foundations for Future Leadership Minor. However, the minor will not be reflected on A&S student transcripts, which require at least 15 credits for academic minors. A&S students may use the coursework as a pathway to earn the Entrepreneurship Minor, or Engineering Management Minor, both of which meet A&S guidelines for earning a minor.

Half-Semester Core Courses

This course is more than just Leadership 101! While it covers an introduction to the theory and practice of leadership, the course will also have a very practical focus in terms of developing the skills and application of leadership across a range of contexts — including startups, corporates, nonprofits, and more.

The course will initially focus on developing the self-awareness needed to prepare you for your first leadership position in your chosen field. Then, the course will explore leadership skills and provide you with the mindset and skillset, together with a toolkit, to get you started as a new and aspiring leader.

This course will introduce you to sound money management and the essential skills of personal finance, whether in basic household budgeting or more advanced principles of investment, together with the skills for basic business finances.

The course will also cover the financial requirements across the important stages of life, from juggling student finances, financing your first home, and then planning for a family and investing for a comfortable retirement.

Students will also be introduced to basic business finances, such as budgeting, financial statements, and taxation. The aim will be to create greater financial awareness, making you a more effective money manager of your personal and business finances, as well as giving you the vocabulary and frameworks to understand the daily business world (e.g., such as being able to read and understand the New York Times or Wall Street Journal business articles) and its impact on society.

This course will develop effective communication skills across a range of personal and professional scenarios. The course will also consider interpersonal communication and study best practices in both verbal and non-verbal communications.

You will study networking and other skills in the workplace — all while enhancing your written communication skills, whether that's in developing formal reports, writing emails, or using social media.

Minor Certification Form

If you are interested in completing the undergraduate minor, please complete the form below. If you have any questions about the undergraduate minor, please contact the Tufts Gordon Institute team at