Tech sector professionals working and leading teams

MS in Technology Management & Leadership

Managing Technology, Leading Change

Whether in response to ChatGPT, CRISPR, smarter devices, quantum computing, or advances in biotech, companies and society need leaders who keep pace with the dizzying rate of technological change and successfully lead teams as technology transforms the workplace and wider world.

If you currently work in or aspire to enter the dynamic tech sector, Tufts Gordon Institute's new MS in Technology Management & Leadership (MSTML) is designed to equip you with the skills and the growth mindset needed to manage technology and lead change. The MSTML will help you develop the confidence to take the next step in your management and leadership career in the technology sector.

This program is designed for professionals in the tech sector in roles such as:

  • consulting
  • data analysis
  • business analytics
  • general management
  • lab science
  • product management
  • project management
  • operations management
  • R&D

If you are seeking a better way than an MBA, the MSTML delivers the business and management skills and mindset needed to take your leadership career to the next level. Taught by faculty with relevant and recent industry experience, the MSTML prepares you to manage technology in a changing world. You have the flexibility to set your own personalized pace of study as you move through the program; earn your degree in just over a year or spread out the course load and tuition cost over a longer period.

Program Format* Duration Credits Full-time or Part-time F-1 Visa Eligible
Online | Hybrid | On-Campus One year of full-time study or as little as 2 years of part-time study 32 Full-time or part-time Yes

*Full-time and on-campus options for studying the MSTML will be available beginning in the Fall 2024 semester

Who should apply?

The MSTML program is ideal for applicants who:

  • Are working professionals with at least 2 years of work experience in the tech sector, though some students have decades
  • Have an undergraduate degree in any discipline
  • Work in fields such as product management, data science, business analytics, computer science, and many more
  • Want to build the mindset and skillset to be a leader and manager in a tech-driven world
Sam Liggero

Increasingly, technology is driving organizations and the world as a whole. What the world needs most in today's society is technical leadership--those who can leverage technology and guide others working with technology to make a positive impact on the world. At Tufts, we connect students who want to become transformative tech leaders with faculty who have the experience and vision to help them achieve that goal.

Sam Liggero, Academic Director of the MSEM and MSTML

Students talking in a classroom

Learn on your terms:
flexible learning options

The MSTML offers you multiple ways to connect with faculty and your peers whether you want to complete the program part-time and fully online, full-time and on-campus, or attend optional in-person Immersive Experiences. Customize your curriculum with specialty-focused pathways that fit your job function and industry.

Whatever your chosen pathway, the Tufts MSTML offers you more:

  • More opportunities to advance your career
  • More opportunities to collaborate with your fellow students
  • More opportunities to learn from expert faculty
  • More opportunities to connect with distinguished alumni
Kevin Oye, Executive Director, Tufts Gordon Institute

Technology touches all aspects of work and life. However, in order to unlock the potential of that technology to do good for people, tomorrow's leaders need not only a strong technical background but also deep compassion and profound purpose.

Kevin Oye, Executive Director of Tufts Gordon Institute

Online | Hybrid | On-Campus

The Tufts MSTML offers a variety of program formats and pathways for students to earn their degree in a way that fits their needs. How will you choose to learn?

Engage in best-in-class online learning, studying part-time from anywhere as you learn on your own schedule. Dive into a fully online core curriculum and a robust lineup of online elective courses. Support your online experience by attending one of the regular in-person Immersive Experiences that allow you to connect with your peers, faculty, and alumni. Or study full-time and on-campus and earn your degree in just over one year in Boston, an international hub for education, innovation, and technology.

Discover your path towards tech leadership. Whichever pace of study is right for you, the MSTML delivers a foundational mindset and skillset in leadership and innovation with the opportunity to customize your curriculum through specialized pathways. Choose from pathways in product management, business analytics, computer or data science, or develop your own flexible pathway consisting of courses from across Tufts University. These new pathways combine flexibility with the opportunity to build an individualized program that meets your aspirations for a career within the tech sector.

The overview of the MSTML below shows how you can follow a pathway through the program that meets your unique needs as a tech professional.

*Full-time and on-campus options for studying the MSTML will be available beginning in the Fall 2024 semester

Hear testimonials from Tufts Gordon Institute students

The MS in Technology Management & Leadership is a new program, so hear the voices and testimonials from students across other comparable programs offered by Tufts Gordon Institute to give you an idea of the experience and the impact of studying in this program.

Jillian Comeau, MSEM '23
Kenneth Vieira, MSEM '24
Sylvia Talbott, MSEM '23
Group photo of MS in Engineering Management students at an Immersive Experience

Enhance your learning with Immersive Experiences

Open to both students in the local area and those who would like to travel to Massachusetts from around the world, these immersive experiences allow you to explore different topics while earning graduate credit and experiencing all that Boston and the Tufts University campus have to offer. Topics will range from innovation and entre-/intra-preneurship to business analytics and leadership, with new sessions being announced on an ongoing basis.

Benefits include:

  • Building skills through a hands-on interactive approach to real-world problem-solving
  • Networking during social and collaborative activities in and out of the classroom
  • Earning credit towards your elective requirements

Each weekend immersive can be leveraged as 1 credit towards your elective requirements. Over the course of your MSTML studies, you will have a number of opportunities to attend Immersive Experiences. Tufts Gordon Institute currently runs 4 Immersive Experiences per year at the Tufts Medford, MA campus.

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Visit our Admissions pages to view more details.

Note: Prior to registration, all new students (including fully online students) must complete an online medical history and provide proof of required immunizations. For more information visit: These requirements must be met prior to registration. For questions about health and immunization requirements please contact the Health Service at 617-627-3350 or send a message to Immunization Reviewer through the Patient Portal.